Basis of Funk Vol. 2 Ch. V Imaginary Sons Edition presents:

Basis of Funk Vol. 2 Ch. V Imaginary Sons Edition

Man oh Man, What a show you guys, I had the pleasure of hosting the Imaginary Sons who played TWO live sets, and picked a bunch of music to play.

You can listen in for a few weeks on and scroll down for the playlist! See you next week Funk-a-zoids!

3's & 7's – Queens of the Stone age

Era vulgaris – queens of the stone age

Island in the sun- Weezer

We're all on drugs – weezer

ohio – neil young

cinnamon girl – neil young

Dead Leaves and the dirty ground – The white stripes

Blue Orchid – The White stripes

Amy – Green Day

Brainstew – Green Day

Iive set from Imaginary

Radio Radio

Rat Killers

90's Kid

Talky Talky

Kickin the cup

Elephant – Tame Impala

Alter Ego – Tame Impala

I only want you – Eagles of death metal

Sp[eaking in tounges – Eagles of death metal

So high, so low – mondo genarator

open up and bleed for me – mondo genarator

turn the lights off – tally hall

ruler of everything – Tally hall

Spacious Angle – Toxic Moxie

Super Stupid – Funkadelic

Buick Mackane – T-rex

Saliva – Viktor Vaughan

Sookie Sookie- Steppenwolf

Imaginary sons live set-


never there

Penny Lane

Rhymes Like Dimes – MF Doom

Project Jazz – MF Doom

Americas Most Blunted – Madvillian

Figaro – Madvillain

Quality Control – Jurassic 5

The Influence – Jurassic 5

To Promote quality control – Madlib

What are the negative risks of smoking it? – Madlib

Spacebird Body-wave – DJ Frane

Visons of U – DJ Frane

E Depois – Seu Jorge

Rock wit u – Seu Joirge

Last Chance at Love – Foxy Shazam

Introducing Foxy – Foxy Shazam

DJ Heavy Styles


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    December 2nd, 2014

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