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Maritime Tatami                Mutazone

Hip Priest                         The Fall

Dark and Light                      The Royal Family and the Poor

Camino  del Sol                      Camino del Sol

Felix Austria                 Roedelius


Dreiklangsdimension      Rheingold

Month of Sundays              The Church

ZZ Top Goes to Egypt        Camper Van Beethoven

All The Critics Love You In New York    Prince

Girls on Film                               BjornAgain


I Don't Remember                    David Byrne


I Cant Go For That  (No Can Do)  Orson

The Killing Moon               Noivelle Vague
Koroleva  Ne Pomeria                (The Queen is Dead)     The Ukrainians

Running Up That  Hill           Placebo


The Sensual World    Kate Bush

Sex I'm A …..   Berlin

No Self Control  Peter Gabriel

Learning To Fly   Pink Floyd


Icing Sugar           The Cure

Low Life                Sting  

Confessions        Violent Femmes

Damaged Goods     Gang of Four
Planet Earth                Duran Duran

Girlfriend is  Better    Talking Heads



Albert Green


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    January 24th, 2015

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