Clem Snide presents:

Cause And EffectClem Snide

Clem Snide!

I Love The Unknown    Clem Snide

Ramblin' Man     Hank Williams

Everywhere In Chains      Amy Martin

Avant Gardener     Courtney Barnett

Absolutely Isabel      Blind Willies


Tunnel of Love     Dire Straits

Fill Me With Your Light   Clem Snide  End of Love   

Leonna                   The Sea and Cake

Apocalypic Friend    Eef Barzelay 


Hit the Groung Running    Smog


So It Goes                 Graham Nash

Pink Moon       Nick Drake

Weird Little Person Moruza

Song of The Lost   Griefbirds


Speeding Motorcycle    Daniel   Johnston

Barnaby   Hardly Working     Yo La Tengo

Me No                  Clem Snide

To The River     John Mellencamp

When You Love Someone    Janis  Ian


Shadow People     Dr. Dog

Hause am See   Peter Fox

Albert Green


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    January 29th, 2015

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