Suzanne Vega presents:

Cause And EffectSuzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega is the focus today!

Tom;s Diner   Suzanne Vega

Scarborough Fair/Canticle   


The Opening monologue of "The Glass Menagerie"


Shelter From the STorm     Bob Dylan

The Wheel              Edie Brickell an dthe New Bohemians

Once in a Lifetime     The Talking Heads

La Verdad            Juana Molina


Stockings            Suzanne Vega

Seven              Maia Banks

Lovesong            Ted Hughes

Rid of Me              PJ Harvey

Are You Taking Care of Yourself    Courtney Barnett

Land of Caanan          Indigo Girls

I Only Have Eyes for Your    Billie Holliday




(If You Were)  In My Movie     Suzanne Vega

Opening credits of   "Kiss Me Deadly"  including "I'd rather have the blues than what I've got"  

The Third Man song     


Excellent Birds  


Happy Phantom              Tori Amos

Vicious                                 Lou Reed

The Metro                              Berlin

You've Got Time                 Regina Spektor


Dr. Bernice                   Cracker

Caramel                      Suzanne Vega

Sugar                         Wooden Birds

Crystallized                 The XX

Loveblind                     The Church

Jolene           Janis Ian

Fortress Around Your Heart   Sting

Albert Green


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    March 14th, 2015

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