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Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Ray Stevens – Bridget the Midget
Audrey Landers – Jim Jeff & Johnny
Field Recording – Contagious Subway Laughter
Slave – Dance
Jim Nabors – I Saw the Light
Blue Oyster Cult – We Gotta Get Out of this Place
Unknown – Our Piece
Carl Henry Brueggen – Teen Jackpot
Playhour Records – The Ship that Sails the Sky
Matt Vincent – Heading Out of this World
Kiss – A Million to One
Rick Dees – Disco Duck
Dr John Clarke – H1N1 Rap
Gert Wilden – Dirty Dancing
Jerry Reed – Texas Bound & Flying
Lou Reed – Suzanne
Sterling Holloway – The Wonderful Tar Baby
Kim Roberts – Love Can't Wait
Pete Townshend – Exquisitely Bored
Mrs Miller – Strangers in the Night
Reg Luckhurst – Was it Rain
Burt Reynolds – Til I Get it Right
Mary Lou Retton – Spine Tinglers
Lynda Carter – Tumbledown Love
Pastor John Rydgren – Dark Side of the Flower
Steppenwolf – Who Needs Ya
Robin Williams – Reverand Earnest Angry
The Beach Boys – Maybe I Don't Know
Harold Flake – Tour of the Athabasca Glacier

Bill Farrar


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    May 24th, 2015

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