LFTA Cincuenta Y Uno - Southside Future Squad (5.30.15) presents:

Live From The AudienceLFTA Cincuenta Y Uno – Southside Future Squad (5.30.15)

Southside Future Squad
4.12.06 (Emilio's – Richmond, VA)

The Cold Chill
Flat Out
Tocamos Ahora
Felonious G
2nd Chance
Get It Like You Want It
Rockit (Herby Hancock)
Solution 2 Pollution

Intermission (not part of the concert):
Homegrown PSA / Michael & Papa

"Pappy's Track of the Week (Vinyl)"
Lover / Frank Sinatra / TheVoice (1955)

Set 2:
Breakin' Me Down
Damn! Mr. Jenkins
Caliente Salsambo
The Return of Jenkins
Night Train Jam
The Freshness
Everybody Gets Down

Michael Dickerson


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    May 29th, 2015

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