Activate! June 4-June 10, 2015 presents:

Activate!Activate! June 4-June 10, 2015

…in which Paul says, "Hey! How about that Butcher Brown? They are some kinda good!"

"Maggot Brain" (live 1971)- Funkadelic

George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic at Innsbrook Thursday June 4

"Sasquatch"- Aquafuture

The Heady RVA Showcase w/ Aquafuture, Agent, Definition of One and Hubble Bash at the Canal Club Saturday June 6

"Keeper of the Dawn"- Ancient River

"When Pants Attack!"(live)- Manzara"

"11:11"- Lady God (unreleased)

Ancient River, Lady God and Manzara at Strange Matter   Thursday June 4

"A Song for Our Grandfathers"- Future Islands

"Keith Sweat"- White Laces (Trance)

Future Islands and White Laces at Friday Cheers Friday June 5

"All Night"- The Southern Belles

The Southern Belles at the Camel Friday June 5

"Ancient Land"- Holydrug Couple

"Bone Dry"- Tungs (Not for Grandma)

Holydrug Couple, Tungs, Basmati and Generic at Strange Matter Friday June 5

"Powhatan"- Butcher Brown (All Purpose Music)

"Se les Olvido"- Bio Ritmo (Puerta del Sur)

Bio Ritmo and Butcher Brown at the Broadberry Friday June 5

"When I'm in a Car"- Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Ed Schrader's Music Beat at Strange Matter Monday June 8

"Come Alive"- Eternal Summers (Gold and Stone)

"Nothing in Common"- Grass Panther

"Within Yr Reach"- The Snowy Owls

Eternal Summers with The Snowy Owls and Positive No at Gallery 5 Monday June 8

"Angst"- Hysterese

"Go Team USA"- Hot Dolphin

Hysterese w/ Hot Dolphin and Omega Boys at Strange Matter Tuesday June 9

"Wooden Bee"- Rattlemouth (Fist Full of Iffy)

"Richmond Day Parade"- Josh Small

"Dead Brains"- Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas

"Roll Over"- The Mad Extras (Best New Artist)

Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas w/ Josh Small and The Mad Extras at the Camel Wednesday June 10





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    June 4th, 2015

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