Soul Feud - Sampling Extravaganza presents:

Soul Feud – Sampling Extravaganza

Tonight on Soul Food (Soul Feud)

We Covered some of the most prolific Samples in the Hip Hop Game and Showed you a few examples of different Spins from various Hip-Hop Artists

First off we started with Some Snarky Puppies to get the funk warmed up

Atchafalaya – Snarky Puppies

What About Me? – Snarky Puppies

Hip-Hop Hooray – Naughty By nature (It contains samples from "Funky President" by James Brown, "Don't Change Your Love" by Five Stairsteps, "Make Me Say it Again, Girl" by Isley Brothers, "You Can't Turn Me Away" by Sylvia Striplin, "74 Miles Away" by Cannonball Adderley Quintet & "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel.)

Follow The Leader – Eric B & Rakim

Beats To Rhyme – Run DMC

(sampling Bob james Nautilus)

Nobody Beats the Biz – Bizmarkie

Jingling Baby – LL Cool J

(sampling Hihachi by the Lafeyette Afro Rock Band)

Show em Whatchya got – Public Enemy

Show Me Whatchu got – Jay Z

(sampling Darkest Night by Lafeyette Afro Rock Band)

Amen Brother – The Winstons (most prolific Break Beat in Sampling history)

Passin Me By – The Pharcyde

Clones – The Roots

NIghts Interlude – Nightmares on Wax

(all Sampling Quincy Jones – Summer in the City)

The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash and the Steel Wheel – Grndmaster Flash

Blame it on the Bassline – Beats International

(sampling Chic- Goodtimes, and Blame it on the boogie Jackson 5)

Ain’t No Half Steppin – Big Daddy Kane

Return of The Mack – Mark Morrison

(sampling EFG – UFO)

Me myself and I – De La Soul

(sampling Ohio Players Funky Worm)

It Takes Two-Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock

Go On Girl -Roxanne Shaunte

(sampling Lynn Collins Think((About it)))

Dirty Dawg – NKOTB

(atomic Dog George Clinton)

Funky drummer – James Brown

N.T. – Kool and the gang

DJ Heavy Styles


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    June 20th, 2015

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