Activate! June 25th - July 2nd presents:

Activate!Activate! June 25th – July 2nd

Butcher Brown / Forest Green – The Broadberry, June 26th @ 8pm (w/ DJ Williams Projekt, Midnight Snack)

Worriers / Sinead O’Rebellion – Gallery 5, June 25th @ 7pm (w/ Caves, Sundials, Smoke Break)

Sundials / Gained a Grip

Caves / Sad

Hot Seats / Peaches – Ashland Coffee and Tea, June 25th @ 8pm

Red Lewis & the Letting Go / Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder – Emilios, June 28th @ 7pm (w/ Caleb Caudle)

Sturgeon City / Ain’t a Damn Thing – Hardywood, June 28th @ 3pm (w/ Sour Bridges)

Brook Pridemore / No One Belongs Here More Than You – ask a punk, June 29th @ 6pm (w/ Ben Shepherd, Yankee Roses)

Tim Barry / Lost & Rootless – The Camel, June 27th @ 7pm (w/ Northcote, Allison Weiss)

Northcote / How Can You Turn Around?

Dikembe / Guts in the Brush – Strange Matter, June 30th @ 5pm (w/ empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate), From Fragile Seeds, Reps)

Broadside / A Place to Lay Your Head – Canal Club, June 28th @ 5pm (w/ Such Gold, Old Again, Inquiry, Underdog Champs, The Concussion Theory)

Vacation / Make a Mess – Strange Matter, June 26th @ 7pm (w/ Pretty Pretty, Close Talker, Teen Death)

Teen Death / Poison

Positive No / Automatic Cars – Black Iris, June 27th @ 8pm (w/ Dreambook, The Awesome Few)

Creepoid / Devil in the Subtext – Gallery 5, June 30th @ 7pm (w/ Ecstatic Vision, Lady God)

Ecstatic Vision / Don’t Kill the Vibe

Lady God / Roll Tennessee

Royal Thunder / Time Machine – The Camel, July 1st @ 8pm (w/ Wild Throne, Hoax Hunters, Red States)

Red States / And That’s Why You Always Leave a Note

Hoax Hunters / Riskless Business

Wild Throne / The Wrecking Ball Unchained

Incendiary / The Power Process – Strange Matter, June 27th @ 4pm (w/ Rude Awakening, Heavy Chains, Society Sucker, Lost Souls, Bitter Rivals)

Society Sucker / Sentenced

25 Ta Life / Underdogs Will Rise – Strange Matter, July 2nd @ 5pm (w/ Upper Hand, Paper Trail, Bitter Rivals)

Occultist / Blackest Apothesis – Banditos, June 28th @ 10pm (w/ Earthling, U.S. Bastards, Bastard Sapling)

Earthling / Wilderness Throne

Thera Roya / Fat Voyage – Wonderland, June 27th @ 10pm (w/ Bedlam, Foehammer)




Even more shows!

6/25 – Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Spiritual Rez @ The Broadberry 8pm

6/25 – Maradeen, Something Clever @ The Camel 9pm

6/25 – The Small and Merit Band @ Stir Crazy Cafe

6/25 – George Porter Jr @ Capital Ale House 8pm

6/26 – The Wood Brothers, Son Little @ Browns Island 6pm

6/27 – Ziemba, Dean Ceercone, Fag Enabler, Skirts @ Circle Thrift & Art Space 7:30pm

6/27 – Azar Swan, Ships in the Night, Free Girl @ Strange Matter 9pm

6/28 – Freaky J and the Bears, Quick on My Feet, Lantern Broke the Branch @ The Camel 8pm

6/28 – Grave Mistake Records Presents: Blood Pressure, Tenement, Big Zit, Chain Rank, Concealed Blade, Firing Squad @ Strange Matter 8pm

6/29 – Little Pants, Ocean vs. Daughter, Wood Face, Stelluna @ The Camel 8pm

6/29 – Thieves, A Collegiate Affair, Tomato Dodgers, Shirt/Pants, Bombshell @ Strange Matter 7pm

6/30 – Dharma Bombs, B. Forrest & the Bodhi Band, Andrew Alli & Last Night’s Blues Band, Chuck Burns & Ty Rone @ The Camel 9pm

7/2 – Threesound, Steal the Last Bison @ The Camel 9pm

7/2 – Bare Thoughts, Milk Spot, Ron Dazzle & the Strawberries @ Strange Matter 9pm

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    June 25th, 2015

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