River City Limits: Randy Blythe Speaks About Prague Prison + His New Book presents:

River City LimitsRiver City Limits: Randy Blythe Speaks About Prague Prison + His New Book

Fontaine here today 6-8pmEDT to bring you this week's edition of WRIR's local band show. As you probally know, world-famous metal band Lamb of God is from Richmond. And you probably heard about singer Randy Blythe's arrest in Prague in 2012 on accusations of causing the death of a fan at a show there two years earlier. Randy was imprisoned for 5 weeks before his bail was finally granted & he returned home to Richmond. He did go back and stand trial and was acquited. His book on all these experiences, Dark Days, was just published this week. He's been on a book tour, and next Friday the new Lamb of God album comes out and an 8-week concert tour starts.

Randy was kind enough to drop by WRIR last night on my What The Fontaine?! show to talk about that evening's book reading/signing event, Harper Lee, Salad the Cat, and much more. I'd already been airing his August 2012 interview with Dave Brockie (GWAR) and me, when he first got back from the 5 weeks in Prague prison. Great to end up with a new interview, too, so I thought I'd share both with you today.

First I have about 25 minutes of local music. Then the 8/10/12 interview. Then the 7/17/15 interview. There are a few songs sprinkled in the interview segments, all Randy's picks. I hope you enjoy it.

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Dismal Swamp Lords – Black Crow Blues  [new!]
Manzara – When Pants Attack  [new!]
Amoeba Men – Animated Meat

Hail Blackbird – Prison Break
Amphetamine Library – Love Sale

Hoboknife – Lusting for Vengeance

Randy Blythe (+ Dave Brockie of GWAR) talks about his *very* recent Prague prison time, 8/10/12
(songs include Inquisition, Lamb of God, Kepone)

Randy Blythe from last night (7/17/15), talking about Brockie, his book, etc, etc.



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    July 18th, 2015

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