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Today's show focuses on Link Wray!

Rumble   Link Wray

Johnny B. Goode    Chuch Berry

Knockin' at Your Door  Elmore James

Crossroads       Homesick James

Rebel Rouser    Duane Eddy

Get  Rhythm      Johnny Cash


Surfer's Blue   The Journeymen

Frog Hunting on Mars   The Shade's Ltd

Jump Jack Jump   The  Miller Brothers   

Scrambled Eggs     The Live Wires

Days of a Quiet Sun   The Barracudas

Someone With A Heart      The Roaches

Psychotic Reaction Count Five 


Ace of Spades    Link Wray

The Seeker     The Who


Cement Slippers   Dengue Fever

Cabalito   Nocturo      Juanesco Y Su Combo

Sonido Amazonico     Chicha Libre

Danza De Milianaro     Chicha Libre 



Cement Slippers   Dengue Fever

Pink Slime       La Luz

Batman   Link Wray

The Theme from Batman   The  Markettes

The Seeker   The Who

Warzone     Casmere Jungle Lords


Papotitos   (Bony Maronie)   Los Straighjackets

Season of the Witch    Donovan

Hawaii Five-O        The Ventures

The Cone of Silence Yo La Tengo 

Rawhide       Link Wray

House Burning Down      The Jimi Hendrix  Experience 


The Passenger     Iggy Pop

You Really Got Me   The Kinks

Surprise Truck     Camper Van Beethoven

Mansion On the Hill    Neil Young    and Crazy Horse




Albert Green


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    August 8th, 2015

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