Lost Music Saloon: Sept. 14, 2015: 5-7 p.m.: New Music + Live in Richmond presents:

Lost Music Saloon: Sept. 14, 2015: 5-7 p.m.: New Music + Live in Richmond

Welcome to another "mostly new music" edition of the Lost Music Saloon.  Things tend to slow down as the end of the year approaches as far as new releases go, but for the time being there is still a lot of good new music being pumped out.  I'll also do a "Live in Richmond" set today because a good number of bands I had songs for today will be in the Richmond area this coming week.  As an added attraction, I'll be giving away two tickets to see one of those bands during my show.  So kick back, stay tuned & ENJOY!


Lost Music Saloon: PLAYLIST: Sept. 14, 2015: 5-7 p.m.: New Music + Live in Richmond

[artist: song: album]


Steep Canyon Rangers: Radio: Radio

Amanda Pearcy: Little Bit More: An Offering

Wild Child: Fools: Fools

Dawn And Hawkes: Yours and Mine: Yours and Mine


Small Feet: Gold: From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like the Ocean

Destroyer: Dream Lover: Poison Season

Sheldon Clark: Americana City Band: Word and Sound Sampler

Dan Bern: Reno: Reno


The Bellfuries: Why Do You Haunt Me?: Workingman's Bellfuries

Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio: You Don't Know Him The Way I Do: Still She Will Fly

Fast Romantics: Julia: Julia EP

The Apache Relay: Katie, Queen of Tennessee: Eastside Manor Session


Leeann Atherton: Robbie & Mona: Barefoot Fields

Edward David Anderson: Jimmy & Bob & Jack: Lower Alabama – The Loxley Sessions

Darkest Night: Darkest Night: TIAM 2015 Sampler

Twin Within: We Talk: Horizontal Lines



Live in Richmond This Week:

(1)  Donna the Buffalo @ The Tin Pan on Sunday, Sept. 20

 – – Donna The Buffalo: Tides Of Time: Rockin' In The Weary Land

(2)  Sarah McQuaid @ The Shady Grove Coffeehouse on Sunday, Sept. 20

 – – Sarah McQuaid: Walking Into White: Walking Into White

(3)  Bombadil @ The Tin Pan on Wednesday, Sept. 16

 – – Bombadil: Coughing on the F Train: Hold On

(4)  Good Old War @ The Broadberry on Friday, Sept. 18

 – – Good Old War: Tell Me What You Want From Me: Good Old Sampler 

(5)  Aztec Two-Step @ The Tin Pan on Sunday, Sept. 27

 – – Aztec Two-Step: What Would The Indians Say: Cause & Effect



Ike Reilly: Upper Mississippi River Valley Girl: Born On Fire

Randall Bramblett: Bottom Of The Ocean: Devil Music

Mike Brown: Just a Little: Just a Little

The Damn Quails: Tough Luck/Cryin' Shame: Out of the Birdcage


Clint Alphin: Blessed Are the Rich: Postmodern Man

David Roth: Does Joni Mitchell Ever Mow the Lawn: So Far, So Good

Mike Laureanno: Road Signs: Road Signs

Lowell Levinger: Get Together: Get Together – Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics


U.S. Elevator: Sleep Ain't Nothin' But Death's Brother: U.S. Elevator

Carl Solomon: What About You: Promised Land

Lydia Loveless: I Would Die 4 U: Single


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    September 14th, 2015

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