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Hey Listeners,

My oldest is moving to Manhattan (the East Village to be exact) at the end of this month.  He will be starting his career and his new life on his own.  I wanted to commemorate his departure with a show featuring the music of NYC.  I've featured the music of NYC in the past.  Once I did a Patti Smith show based on her book Just Kids and once I used a great collection I had just purchased, Watch the Closing Doors, as a jumping off point.  I'm going to revisit that turf tonight and play music from the last nine decades from the ciy of New York.

I could have set yhis how up lots of different ways – chronologically, by music genre, or perhaps by area of the city.  I could have featured certain clubs or scenes.  But in the end I decided to just mix it all up into one big musical stew – like the melting pot the city is – and serve it up from 9 to 11 tonight. In two hours you can barely scratch the surface, but that's OK it will be a fun two hours and I'v got lots of different types of tracks in the mix.

From CBGBs to the Bottomline,from The Garden to the Apollo, from the Bitter End to the Fillmore, from the Brill Building to Harlem, from the East Village to Brroklyn, from the Bowery to Licoln Center, from Broadway to Spanish Harlem, from jazz to rap, from folk to punk, from salsa to klezmer, from show tunes to soul, from Fats Waller to the NY Dolls, from Al Jolson to Public Enemy, from Dave Van Rnk to Barbara Streisand – NYC has it all.  So c'mon and bite the big apple – don't mind the maggots.


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    December 7th, 2015

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