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Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Ohio Players – Short Change
Wishniks – I Love a Parade
Billy Carr – What's Come Over this World?
Synergy – Delta 3/B
Will to Power – Anti-Social
Populaires – The Shadow of Your Smile
Boots Randolph – It Keeps Right on-a-Hurtin'
Del Close & John Brent – Field Trip #1
Montana – Warp Factor II
Wishniks – Mommy Where is My Wishnik
Mary Lou Retton – Working the Joints
John Dakar – My Name is John Dakar
Michael Quint – Quando Quando
Yamaha Music Foundation – The Salad Song
Uncle Burt – Side 3 – Sequence 2
Hulk Hogan – Hulkster's in the House
Wishniks – Did You Ever See a Wishnik
The King Curtis Combo – The Peppermint Twist
Andrea True – More More More
Dr Timothy Leary – The Trip: Root Chakra
Lynda Carter – Put on a Show
Bill O'Reilly – Cheating
Matt Vincent – Bo Derek on My Mind
Elvis Presley – Let Me be There
Tony Joe White – Saturday Night in Oak Grove
Coyle & Sharpe – Armored Attack
David Hasselhoff – Any Kind of Love at All
Peter Tosh – Legalize it
The Royal Hawaiian Guitars – Lovely Hula Hands
Terry Snyder – Rocka Bongo Boogie
Merry Pranksters – Acid Test Graduation Announcement
Eddie Layton – The Sheik of Araby
Gene Marshall – This World was Planned
KenXtions – Bus Stops
Hasil Adkins – She Said
Deep Purple – Love Help Me
Rev. O.W. 'Bud' Spriggs – What the Bible Says About Flying Saucers

Bill Farrar


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    January 3rd, 2016

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