Over the Edge facebook squareThe precious Macbook Pro has been in the Apple shop this past week, so tonight I’ve got a playlist comprised of nothing but 45 singles.   I’ve been amassing these things for years, and for me, they have the status of postage stamps rather than records, i.e., they are typically to collect, rather than to play.  So, a lot of what I am throwing on the turntable tonight will be records I’ve never actually spun before.  And some of the tunes will be familar to you and me, but a bunch will not.   So tonight kick back and enjoy the sound of surprise, OTEOPN.

And one more bonus for me, my spouse Denise and I have hired a baby sitter, and Denise will be in the studio tonight to help with some of the logistics of doing an all 45 vinyl show.  Date night in Studio A !!!!!!

Enjoy. DJ Otto JD.


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

        September 20th, 2016

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