Bill Lupoletti from Global A Go-Go here.  Paul Ivey is at the Guided By Voices show in Charlottesville tonight — hopefully they won’t play all 2,000 Robert Pollard songs, or else Paul will miss a few more weeks.

So Paul asked me to sub for him tonight.  Why me?  I dunno, we’ll see if that was a stroke of genius or an unforced error.  I’m featuring a Songwriter Spotlight Segment (a copyrighted feature of Time Is Tight) on Dan Penn (pictured above).  He doesn’t look like one of the great soul men, but don’t judge the book by its cover.

Also on tap tonight: some glam rock, the Feelies and their subsidiaries, a Bulgarian band that reminds me of Morphine, Tom Waits and the Orthotonics (for real), Honeyblood’s new single, and much more.


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        October 7th, 2016

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