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Tis the season for Best of Lists, and we sure do these well at WRIR. Tonight’s Over the Edge of Pop Narcotic is my nod to a best of show. I play a lot of older recordings and reissues on the OTEOPN, so I wasn’t sure what I would find for 2016 that was special and an actual 2016 first release. Wow. Lot of excellent new releases this year that were on my hard drive. Tonight’s show clocks in at 3.5 hours and I could have easily added another half hour of worthy artists based on my criteria. What criteria would that be Otto? Well, mid-tempo/up-tempo “pop” singles from an eclectic group of artists who you won’t necessary hear on your typical WRIR year end best of show. Plenty of soundtracks, international, electronica, indy and experimental artists and a lot of arty hip hop and R&B. Think of it as pop music for the rest of us who aren’t the rest of us.

If you are a regular listener you will recognize some of these plays from past OPTEOPM shows. Good songs deserve one more play before we head off into 2017.

Also, there are certain otherwise deserving artists you just won’t hear tonight, because of the criteria. So no David Bowie, No Nick Cave. Wonderful albums from both of these artists in 2016, but really, really dark. Leonard Cohen made the playlists because of his irrepressible, wry sense of humor. Also no Savages, no Lucy Dacus. Great acts with important 2016 records, but they are already going to be well represented in a typical WRIR year end best of show, and their records are dark too. And I largely (but not completely) have left the bluegrass and americana artists to shows like Edge of Americana, 12 FL Oz and Lost Music Saloon. They got guitar, fiddle and twang well covered. Enjoy! DJottoJD


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        January 3rd, 2017

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