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Good morning, class.

My name is Mr. Noah Page. I’ll be your substitute for today. Mr. Hayes will return next week. In a few moments I’ll call role. Please do NOT switch names with your friends. Just because I’m a substitute doesn’t mean I can’t send you directly to the principal’s office!

And NO we’re NOT watching a video today! This is the radio, first of all. Second of all: I’ve got some SERIOUS work for you to do. Serious R and B. Serious rap. Serious everything. Don’t you dare laugh, young man! Yes, you! See me after class!

Just kidding! I’m just being hilarious. I’m nice. And I’m excited to share some very nice things with you today.

So much indie stuff tonight. So much you’ll freak out about it, in fact. Almost all of tonight’s show is independent R&B or rap. A lot of these people are based out of Richmond too!

If you’re that guy who thinks indie or local music isn’t worthwhile because you’ve begrudgingly suffered through too many of your best friend’s well-meant attempts, then THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU. You’ve been living next door to McDonald’s, but when you smell this you’ll be grabbing it off the grill with your hand. You don’t need any bun! And yeah, it’s hot. If it burns your fingers, shake on the sauce! If it burns your lips, well, those are just your new lips now! Don’t worry, they’re shinier.

Dude, just WATCH OUT. You have no idea what amazing stuff is right here in town, and elsewhere, made by independent artists. If you thought indie music was all rock/shoegaze/whatever, I’m honestly jealous of you, hearing all this for the first time. That stuff is the Chun-Li. And she might be the love of your life, don’t get me wrong. Chun-Li will always be there for you. But dude, for real, just try this on. Don’t even SELECT your character this time, man. Just press left-right-left-right-left-right-left-right-B-A-START. PSHooooooooo! That’s the sound of your mind being blown.

Thank you! Please pass your papers forward and I’ll collect them. Class dismissed.


    Time: May 20 - 11:00:00 pm
  • Zhé Aqueen, “Aphrodisiac”

    from The Advocate

    self-released - 2017

  • Time: May 20 - 11:03:00 pm
  • PHOS, “Doin' it Right”

    from Live 2013


  • Time: May 20 - 11:06:00 pm
  • Nickelus F, “L**** W***”

    from Triflin'

    AMG - 2015

  • Time: May 20 - 11:10:27 pm
  • Erikka J, “Supposed to Love”

    from Supposed to Love - Single

    Erikka J - 2016

  • Time: May 20 - 11:13:59 pm
  • Justin Anthony, “Hold on, We're Going Home”

    from Good Luv


  • Time: May 20 - 11:16:59 pm
  • Samantha Reed, “Those Words”

    from This is Love


  • Time: May 20 - 11:19:59 pm
  • Tank and the Bangas, “quick”

    from Live 2017

    Tank and The Bangas LLC - 2017

  • Time: May 20 - 11:24:26 pm
  • Marvin Gaye, “The Star Spangled Banner (Live At the 1983 NBA All-Star Game)”

    from The Master (1961-1984)

    Motown - 1995

  • Time: May 20 - 11:27:26 pm
  • Björk, “Oceania Ft. Kelis”

    from Who Is It

  • Time: May 20 - 11:30:26 pm
  • Erikka J, “rewind”

    from Love Finds Its Way - EP

    Erikka J.

  • Time: May 20 - 11:34:11 pm
  • Beyoncé, “Back to Black”

    from The Great Gatsby: Music from Baz Luhrmann's Film

  • Time: May 20 - 11:37:11 pm
  • Noah Page, Kelli Strawbridge & DJ Williams, “Let Them Know”

    from The Concept Album

  • Time: May 20 - 11:40:11 pm
  • Astrud Gilberto, “The Gentle Rain (RJD2 Remix)”

    from Verve Remixed

    Verve - 2002

  • Time: May 20 - 11:43:11 pm
  • Tuesday Verses Crew, “Baby ft. Nickey McMullen”

    from The Green Room - Underground Version

  • Time: May 20 - 11:46:11 pm
  • Velma Middleton & Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra, “Baby, It's Cold Outside (Mulato Beat Remix)”

    from Christmas Remixed - Holiday Classics Re-Grooved

  • Time: May 20 - 11:52:11 pm
  • Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip, “We Taking Off”

    from The Abstract & The Dragon

    Dundridge Entertainment / Unlimited Business - 2014

  • Time: May 20 - 11:54:56 pm
  • Radio B, “Don't Play Wit It”

    from Sunday's Best

    AGM - 2017

  • Time: May 20 - 11:58:20 pm
  • Tae Brooks, “How to Love (Youtube's Fake Justin Bieber Version)”

    from On My Own - EP

    Carriage House Entertainment

  • Time: May 21 - 12:01:20 am
  • Drake, “Fake Love”

    from More Life

    Cash Money Records/Young Money Ent./Universal Rec. - 2017

  • Time: May 21 - 12:08:15 am
  • Amplive, “15 stepz ft. Codany Holiday”

    from Rainy Dayz Remixes

    Om Records - 2008

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