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Bonjour Mes Amis! Lot’s of Psychedelic throwbacks today from 1960s Turkey, Niger, Czechoslovakia, and across Latin America. Also, Spanish and Portuguese Punk, brand new dance funk from all over, and electroswing. Enjoy! Princess Beet Farmer

Lyrics to Suerte! (Smooth!) by Arbol
I slept very badly today
I had nightmares,
For starters I dreamed that I was dying
I’m afraid this is a premonition.
And I got up,
Step on the left foot,
I wanted to take a shower
Stay in the attempt,
They are cleaning the tank
And the water is gone.
Prepare the coffee as every morning,
I put milk and it was cut,
I went to shit it was over and there was no paper,
I went out into the hall with the garbage
And when I turned around,
The door closed
And I realize I have the key inside …..

Today is not my day, I found out
I can go to bed and try it later
If I have better luck !!

I climb to the collective, who pricked a rubber
I move on to another
But soon crashes
I keep walking and I cross a black cat.
I start to pray,
Kneeling on the altar,
And an amulet that hangs from my neck,
Was set on fire with the candle,
got rid.

Today is not my day, I found out,
I can go to bed and try it later,
Something tells me better if I have better luck !!

It should not scare you so little ..
Every cloud has a silver lining….

Today is not my day and I found out
I can go to bed and try it later,
Something warns me better to go back
If I have better luck.

Palmitos Park
El Guincho
Most Popular

Coming down the mountain I started to sing a song
No reason but you had to complain
And you’re always not like that
You can stop you can not understand that i want to be alone
I can not be like the others
Which only means without anyone around
And if I leave I do not know how you will be able to say that what I do is
Your thing and I’m just going after
To repeat what you say as the parrot to the owner
If everyone knows I’m the one who teaches you the stories of spaceships
The drums and the dance steps
And instead of swimming together on the bottom of the sea in a bonfire with the tales of night you wanted to burn me
And you are always like this you can not stop you can not understand that I want to be alone that I can not be like the others that only means with nobody around


    Time: June 9 - 2:00:00 am
  • Árbol, “Suerte!”

    from Guau!

    Surco - 2004


  • Time: June 9 - 2:03:00 am
  • Pupilas Dilatadas, “Homem Insano”

    from Era Moderna


  • Time: June 9 - 2:06:00 am
  • Mano Negra, “Sidi h'bibi”

    from Puta's Fever

    Parlophone France


  • Time: June 9 - 2:14:00 am
  • El Guincho, “Palmitos Park”

    from Alegranza

    Young Turks - 2008


  • Time: June 9 - 2:20:00 am
  • Fruko y Sus Tesos, “Tesura (with Humberto Muriel)”

    from Tesura

    Vampisoul - 1970


  • Time: June 9 - 2:23:00 am
  • Dona Onete, “Faceira”

    from Banzeiro

    Mais Um Discos - 2017


  • Time: June 9 - 2:26:00 am
  • Andres Landero, “Asi Se Goza”

    from 16 Canciones de Andrés Landero

    JM World Music - ADD


  • Time: June 9 - 2:32:08 am
  • Los Hijos del Sol, “Carinitas”

    from The Roots Of Chicha 2 - Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru

    Crammed - 2010


  • Time: June 9 - 2:35:08 am
  • Grupo Latino, “Resalsa”

    from Macondo Revisitado


  • Time: June 9 - 2:37:00 am
  • Anton Garcia Abril/ Edda Dell'Orrso, “4...3...2...1...Morte”

    from ¡Chicas! Spanish Female Singers Volume 2 1963-1978

    Spain, Italy

  • Time: June 9 - 2:40:00 am
  • Elia y Elizabeth, “Ponte Bajo el Sol”

    from Chicas!


  • Time: June 9 - 2:42:00 am
  • Flamengo, “Zlom Vaz”

    from Czech Up! Vol. 1: Chain Of Fools

    Vampi Soul - 2016


  • Time: June 9 - 2:44:00 am
  • Pavel Novák & Vox, “Kocici Kral Felix”

    from Czech Up! Vol. 1: Chain Of Fools

    Vampi Soul - 2016


  • Time: June 9 - 2:53:00 am
  • Nese Alkan, “Kacma Guzel”

    from Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu

    Uzelli - 1973


  • Time: June 9 - 2:58:00 am
  • Selda Bağcan, “Meydan Sizindir”

    from Türkülerimiz 2 - Mehmet Emmi

    Majör Müzik Yapım


  • Time: June 9 - 3:01:00 am
  • Azna de L'Ader, “Gandari”

    from Zabaya

    Sahel Sounds - 2016


  • Time: June 9 - 3:08:00 am
  • Girma Bèyènè & Akalé Wubé, “Ené Nègn Bay Manèsh”

    from Éthiopiques 30: Mistakes On Purpose

    Buda Musique - 2017


  • Time: June 9 - 3:11:00 am
  • Duncan Dhu, “Esperaré A Que Se Esconda El Sol”

    from Canciones


  • Time: June 9 - 3:15:00 am
  • Big Mean Sound Machine, “Seeing the Bigger Picture”

    from Runnin' for the Ghost

    Peace & Rhythm, Blank Slate - 2017


  • Time: June 9 - 3:20:00 am
  • The Atomic Bomb Band, “Fantastic Man”

    from Plays the Music of William Onyeabor

    LUAKA BOP - 2017

    US/Nigeria supergroup who play the music of Nigerian funk musician William OnyeaborThe core group is music director Ahmed Gallab and his band Sinkane (composed of Jason Trammell on drums, Ish Montgomery on bass and Jonny Lam on guitar), Alexis Taylor (of

  • Time: June 9 - 3:25:00 am
  • Ibibio Sound Machine, “The Talking Fish”

    from Ibibio Sound Machine

    Soundway - 2014


  • Time: June 9 - 3:28:00 am
  • Red Baraat, “Tunak Tunak Tun”

    from Bhangra Pirates

    Rhyme & Reason - 2017


  • Time: June 9 - 3:32:00 am
  • Fanfare Ciocarlia, “Ruseasca lui Filon”

    from Live


  • Time: June 9 - 3:34:00 am
  • Divanhana, “Nema ljepše cure od malene Đule (Live)”

    from Divanhana Live in Mostar: Sevdah Music from Bosnia & Herzegovina

    ARC - 2017

    Bosnia and Herzegovnia

  • Time: June 9 - 3:38:00 am
  • Branko Galoic & Skakavac Orkestar, “Pjesma Andela (Angel Song)”

    from Angel Song



  • Time: June 9 - 3:40:00 am
  • Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs, “fuga”

    from Cats, Dogs and Ghosts

    Asphalt Tango - 2016


  • Time: June 9 - 3:49:00 am
  • Bei Bei & Shawn Lee, “Hot Thursday”

    from Into the Wind

    Ubiquity Recordings, Inc.

    China/US, US

  • Time: June 9 - 3:53:00 am
  • Ray Lugo, “Blue (feat. Kira)”

    from Footprints

    Jazz & Milk - 2017

  • Time: June 9 - 3:56:00 am
  • Parov Stellar, “The Burning Spider (ft Lightning Hopkins)”

    from The Burning Spider


  • Time: June 9 - 3:58:00 am
  • Lamuzgueule, “Ninjas (feat. Dimaa)”

    from Radio Béret & Disco Zina

    Lamuzgueule - 2016

    Friday Breakfast Blend    June 9th, 2017

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