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Good Morning Darlinks,
This week (like a cat with a dead mouse) I brought you lot’s of new releases, dug a little deeper into the Arabic alternative scene (which I’ve been meaning to do forever), and songs about quitting your job and travelling. Because I did one of those things last Friday, and will start the other this afternoon. You lucky bastards will be treated to a showcase of shiny new dj talent while I’m gone. The fabulous Ms. Ahn Thuy, The Fantastic Mr. Avery, and His Royal Highness Princess Noah, will be your coffee companions for the near future. For today, enjoy these grooves and I’ll see you again again soon!!
Princess Beet Farmer

On the Way by Ghazal

I’m carrying my passport
First trip to the moon
Far from all friends
A desert, as far as one can tell
A dust-covered destiny


On the way lay a hundred ways, choices before the crossroad
A hundred roads to further complicate, paralyse society once again
The thousand miles’ journey seems to have begun
I don’t want to keep revolving around myself
Within the blur in my eyes some alternative lies, I bet
It’s waiting for the bat of my eyes
I’ll walk barefoot no matter how thirsty I get
There’s a decision but no implementation
Troubles and lack of motivation

Second verse:

Far over there must be palm trees
Oases that quench the thirst
Greenery that fills the place
A magic pill to turn everything back the way things were


Isam Verse:

They told me ,“eventually it’ll work out, you just hold out”
“You can’t stop, keep running,” and they told me
“Fight only for your rights, on politics keep quiet”
“Don’t walk the wild roads”
They’ve forgotten who I am, perhaps, and the generation I come from
My address , No, no, I don`t want tha

Fasateen by Mashrou’Leila

Remember when you told me
That you would marry me
Without money or a house
Remember when you loved me
Even though I wasn’t of your religion
Remember how we were
Remember when your mother
Caught me sleeping in your bed
And told me to forget about you
So we agreed to stay like that
Without roles or talks
Without neckties or morning chats

Without millions
Without dresses

You took my hand and promised me a revolution
How could you forget, how could you forget me?
You combed my hair
And sent me off
Comb me the way you comb yourself

Remember when you told me that you intend to leave me
Without money or a house

Le Long de La Route by Zaz
Along the road
We did not make the effort
to stick together a bit
before time claims
our desires and our wishes
Images, quarrels
of the rancorous past
forged our armors
Our hearts sealed themselves

Left alone in their corner
Our animated demons
got lost in our designs
Colorless and dark grey.
We could have chosen
forgiveness, made an attempt
at a different story for the future
instead of just wanting to forget.

Let’s hold hands
along the road
let’s choose our destiny
with any more doubts.
I have faith and it is only
a question of listening
and opening wide our small hands
at whatever cost.

We never made the effort
to talk about US
Pride took hold of us
and could not bring us to our knees
Clear eyes
lying through our teeth
Cannot deny it
full body exposure

Let’s hold hands
down the road
living life as it is
letting go

But words are just words
and not the most important
we give them our own meaning
which changes to each person’s liking

It’s stupid, how stupid we can be
for the other is just the reflection of what we try to hide

If our written drawings
do not paralyze us
It will be the beginning of our dreams
that are trying to come to life

How stupid, how stupid we can be
to hide from ourselves

it’s stupid, how stupid we can be
for the other is just the reflection of what we try to hide


    Time: June 30 - 2:00:00 am
  • Brett Newski, “Quit Your Job”

    from The Worst of Brett Newski: Songs to Sink the American Dream

    Nomad Union - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 2:03:40 am
  • Courtney Barnett, “Elevator operator”

    from Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

    House Anxiety / Marathon Artists - 2015


  • Time: June 30 - 2:06:55 am
  • Juliana Hatfield, “Good Enough for Me”

    from Pussycat

    American Laundromat - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 2:10:11 am
  • Tatiana Hargreaves, Mirande Shah & Ezra Tenenbaum, “Travelers”

    from Travelers: Dosti Music Project

    Found Sound Studios - 2017

    US, India

  • Time: June 30 - 2:13:11 am
  • Clark, “Peak Magnetic”

    from Death Peak

    Warp - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 2:16:11 am
  • The Meltdown, “Better Days”

    from The Meltdown

    Hopestreet - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 2:20:08 am
  • André Cymone, “We All Need Something”

    from 1969

    Blindtango - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 2:25:19 am
  • Dangerous Rhythm, “Stray Cat Blues”

    from Dangerous Rhythm

    Dangerous Music Productions - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 2:28:52 am
  • Soulwax, “The Singer Has Become a Deejay”

    from FROM DEEWEE

    Play It Again Sam - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 2:32:13 am
  • Blaenavon, “Let's Pray”

    from That's Your Lot

    Transgressive - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 2:35:48 am
  • Car Seat Headrest, “Times to Die”

    from Monomania


  • Time: June 30 - 2:42:28 am
  • Encono, “Sin control”

    from Centraal

    BCore Disc - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 2:45:11 am
  • Monsalve y los Forajidos, “Abeja”

    from Monsalve y los Forajidos, Vol. 2

    Monsalve Y Los Forajidos - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 2:50:01 am
  • Mamadou Kelly, “L'Sagnagnote”

    from Politiki

    Clermont Music - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 2:57:01 am
  • Kondi Band, “Titi Dem Too Service”

    from Salone

    Strut - 2017

    collaboration between Sierra Leonean kondi (thumb piano) player Sorie Kondi and US producer / DJ Chief Boima

  • Time: June 30 - 3:02:22 am
  • A Tribe Called Red, “Indian City (feat. Black Bear)”

    from We Are the Halluci Nation

    Radicalized Records - 2016

    Frist Nations Canada

  • Time: June 30 - 3:05:59 am
  • Omar Souleyman, “Ya Bnayya”

    from To Syria, With Love

    Mad Decent - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 3:12:49 am
  • Khaled, Faudel, Rachid Taha, “La Camel”

    from 1 2 3 Soleils


  • Time: June 30 - 3:15:49 am
  • Toot Ard, “Sahra”

    from Laissez Passer

    Palm Stereo - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 3:18:49 am
  • Apo & The Apostles, “Bandora Blues”

    from Ya Zalamez - EP

    Universal Music - 2017


  • Time: June 30 - 3:23:18 am
  • Yazan Haifawi, “Lissa il Tareeg Taweel”

    from Lissa il Tareeg Taweel


  • Time: June 30 - 3:26:18 am
  • Autostrad, “Kul Youm”

    from Autostrad 576875


  • Time: June 30 - 3:30:10 am
  • Zaz, “Le long de la route”

    from Sans Tsu Tsou

    Magic Records


  • Time: June 30 - 3:35:15 am
  • Mashrou' Leila, “Fasateen”

    from El Hal Romancy - EP

    Mashrou' Leila - 2011


  • Time: June 30 - 3:38:15 am
  • Ghazal, “On The Way”

    from On The Way



  • Time: June 30 - 3:41:15 am
  • Rusted Root, “Send Me on My Way”

    from When I Woke

    Island Mercury - 1990


  • Time: June 30 - 3:45:38 am
  • Johnny Cash, “I've been Everywhere”

    from All Aboard the Blue Train



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