Cosmic Slop presents:

The Richmond experimental music community recently lost one of its most dedicated supporters. Blue Nine was known by many who have nothing but fond memories of them. As someone who went to shows few and far between, I always remember Bobbie being there and being really into everything no matter what. Tonight’s show features two performances from Blue Nine as well as one of their favorite albums “Heaven’s Gate” by James Ferraro. I will leave you with a quote from that album…

“The door of heaven gates the edge of life, in the door looking in the eyes of the hourglass, the dance of time projects images of life memory experienced in the shell. In the departure from earth the second self sperm flows into the egg of the second world. There tears are a reminder of waters gift as the physical plane dissolves into the recesses of the mind and the egg is fertilised in the living memory of minds still in the plane passed.”


    Cosmic Slop    July 16th, 2017

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