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Listening to music need not be metaphysical, but it can be…especially with an orchestra in the hands of obscure Danish composer Rued Langgaard (1893-1952). His music went largely unnoticed for decades, but thankfully someone eventually noticed. Tonight’s episode opens with his extraordinary piece ‘Sfærernes Musik (Music Of The Spheres)’ from 1916-18 for soprano solo, chorus, and orchestra. The music is episodic in nature, consisting of brief scenes, as opposed to prolonged development as one might find in a symphony. It includes some sung text, which will serve well as the final word on the subject…

If I plunge my soul into the depths
of grief and joy, in an instant
I seem to hear the sounds
of a distant, transfigured music
as though the air were loud
with sounds of grief and pain
like an echo of sighs and lamenting
from the earthly vale of tears,
like the fragrant waves of sound,
like the living, resounding flood,
from the land of sorrow and joy
where the soul dreams and rests.

(Originally sung in Danish)

Followed by more symphonic masterpieces by Scriabin, Mahler, and Hindemith. Listen and enjoy!


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    Curved Air    January 13th, 2018

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