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Fontaine here today 5-7pmEDT to host the local band show. And my special guest in the 1st hour is PJ Sykes of Hoax Hunters (and photographer extraordinaire). He has new music to play, plus some of his local faves. I’ve got other new-ish music, plus I’ll remember local musicians we’ve lost, for this Memorial Day weekend.

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Ululating Mummies – Fields of Ice

Hex Machine – Blueprint to Madness  [playing next Sat @SMatter w/ Chrome]
Ladygod – Can’t Go Wrong
Honor Role – Following Footprints

Hoax Hunters – Do U Remember  [brand new! Playing Gal5 July 21st]
Fulflej – Merely
Doll Baby – For Sylvia

Hoax Hunters – In the Background
X-Cops – Zipper Pig
RPG – True White Star
Gull – Shackle

Beex – Depression Time
Bad Magic – Dream Police
Slump – Who Owns the Void

Cherry Pits – Late Nite Lisa  [R.I.P. Kyle Trax]
Benderheads – Contest / Soc. Number  [R.I.P. Kyle Trax]

Iron Reagan – Take the Fall  [new]
GWAR – War on GWAR  [most recent album]
GWAR – Ham on the Bone [R.I.P. Dave Brockie]
The Cory Smoot Experiment – Mandatory Purgatory  [R.I.P Cory Smoot]

The Prevaricators – Hanky Panky  [R.I.P. Steve Hunter]
Alter-Natives – Road
Inertia – Souless  [R.I.P. Larry Glover]

Jonny Cecka’s Stag Party – Kill Me  [R.I.P. Jonny Cecka]

Low on Sanity – Before I Drown (Backward Agenda Remix)  [R.I.P. Brandon Bates]

Dirtball – Call Me Charity  [R.I.P. Jyl Freed]
Dismal Swamp Lords – Black Crow Blues  [R.I.P. ET Snider]

Jack Rose – Woodpiles on the Side of the Road  [R.I.P. Jack Rose]


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

109 May 26th, 2018

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