Secret Bonus Level presents:

Well, Noah Page was liberated. Purportedly liberated. One week of stinking and sweating and driving golf carts off road in skimpy little pink things and sleeping while you listen to dubstep. What has happened to this guy?

One thing I’ll tell you for sure: tonight’s Bonus is a bountiful, indeed. The team have called in their biggest favorite guys to rap and hang and play the freestyle on the radio game.

And The Secret Bonus Level Band, hey, word is they’ve got the stops pulled out tonight too.

So wash Noah Page’s star spangled banana hammock, you laundry fingers! You’re pruney already. This is a rap show.


    Time: May 30 - 9:30:00 pm
  • SBL Band, “SBL Cypher 2018-5-31”

    from SBL Cypher

    Secret Bonus Level    May 31st, 2018

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