Secret Bonus Level presents:

sO RIGHT NOW TONIGHT ON oops caps lock lol Secret Bonus Level we have our special guest GAWD, who is an artist that’s been making a lot of waves lately and also maybe Drizz, a new friend will come by.


And DJ Kooly Kuma, or Kooku, as we know him, is coming by to show us some dumb assedly good beats to rap over. And we all like that lately. He’s spinning on that new but old af controller Noah Page just bestowed upon him.


Oh yeah, my b. This was a rap show.

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    Time: November 1 - 9:03:21 pm
  • Lewse Joints VI

    Ohbliv, “Street Level”

    from Lewse Joints VI

    Ohbliv - 2017

  • Time: November 1 - 9:06:48 pm
  • Always and Forever

    Heatwave, “Always and Forever”

    from Always and Forever

    Empire of Sound - 2016

  • Time: November 1 - 9:11:39 pm
  • Prince, “Halftime at the Super Bowl 2001”

    from The End of the Universe


  • Time: November 1 - 9:14:12 pm
  • Scream

    Michael Jackson, “Scream”

    from Scream

    EMI/EMI Records (USA)

  • Time: November 1 - 9:24:13 pm
  • Voodoo

    D'Angelo, “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”

    from Voodoo

    Def Jam/Polygram - 2000

  • Time: November 1 - 9:28:13 pm
  • GAWD, “GAWD's DJ Playlist From Beyond the ISH”

    from Live on WRIR 2019-11-02


  • Time: November 1 - 10:25:10 pm
  • Kooly Kuma, “The Kooly Kuma Cypher First Time Ever Calling It That”

    from Live on WRIR 2019-11-02


    Secret Bonus Level    November 2nd, 2019

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