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Fontaine here today 5-7pmEST, playing all Richmond music. I’ll start with current bands, including ones playing soon. Then I’ll flash back with some old RVA vinyl. Tune in!

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Ululating Mummies – We Cannot Be Hurt

Fanfare – Spaces In-Between
Hollywood Cemetery – Yellow Dress

Ben Shepherd – Silver Dog  [tonight at Sound of Music]

Rattlemouth – Good Clean Fun  [tonight at Westover Station]
Hotel X – Jasmati  [tonight at Westover Station]

Gull – The Ancestral Knife

Tim Barry – Prosser’s Gabriel  [last Sunday at The Camel]
Avail – South Bound 95
Avail – Scuffletown
Inquisition –  Warning
Ann Beretta – Bottlecaps

Piranha Rama – Stop It  [12/14 at Fuzzy Cactus]
V.E. – Gold

Future Projektor – Terma (part)

Gorrak – Smog Logger
Suppression – Release the Piranha (Into the Gene Pool)  [Sun at Banditos]

True Body – Manifest  [tonight at Gallery 5]
The Trillions – I.C.C.B.

Math – Another 30 Second Punk Rock Song
Hoi Polloi – Warhead
Brainflower – Maldoror
Butterglove – Sleep Thirsty

Alter-Natives – Mayo Bridge to Cuba
Burma Jam – Healing Dub

Flat Stanley – Poster (on the Wall)
Orthotonics – Whack-A-Mole
The Good Guys – Democracy (or Else)
House of Freaks – Meet Your Heroes

GWAR – The Horror of Yig

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    River City Limits    November 23rd, 2019

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