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Fontaine here today 3-5pmEST, playing lotsa 80s vinyl and 90s CDs. I’m gonna reflect on my WDCE DJing years, which come to a close this Monday 12/16 from 3-5pm. I’ve been DJing there decades. My classic Friday night 9-12 show moved to WRIR eleven years ago, but I’ve kept a show going at WDCE on Mondays until now. Celebration /bittersweet.

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Modern English – Life in the Gladhouse
The Residents – Lights Out
The Birthday Party – Sonny’s Burning

Tuxedomoon – No Tears
Sex Pistols – Sub-Mission (demo version)
Minor Threat – Cashing In
Swell Maps – Border Country / Cake Shop

Gang of Four – I Found That Essence Rare
The Fall – Copped It
Suicide – Ghost Rider

Negativland -Theme From a Big 10-8 Place
Nine Inch Nails – Kinda I Want To

Shriekback – My Spine Is the Bassline
Liquid Liquid – Optimo
Ministry – Stigmata
Pigface – Steamroller (Steaming Pig Mix, w/ Skatenigs)
1000 Homo DJs – Supernaut

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – 2 Kindsa Love
Boss Hog – Winn Coma
Barkmarket – Redundant
Sonic Youth – 100%
L7 – Shove

Love Battery – Between the Eyes
Sebadoh – Supernatural Force
Cows – Allergic to Myself

GWAR – The Road Behind

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109 December 14th, 2019

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