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Tonight my guests are members of Snack Truck, who have a reunion show Sat Feb 1st at Hardywood, along with Ultra Dolphins and Order. It’s a benefit for their friend Bronwen. Nate just got back from Thailand, after a trip to Kenya years ago. So I think we’ll have a mix of musical styles! Tune in 9-11pmEST. (Gig info here.)

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Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

Jeff Buckley – Eternal Life  [for Tim Sullivan]
The Woodentops – Stop This Car

Gamelan Gong Kebjar – Hudjan mas (Golden Rain)
Loop Guru – Yayli

Ruins – Praha  In Spring
Breadwinner –  Kisses Men on the Mouth on the Mountain
Bad Brains – Sailin’ On

Sonic Youth – Youth Against Fascism
Snack Truck – Number One
John Zorn – Reanimator
Jesus Lizard – Boilermaker
Stinking Lizaveta – The Drop
Iggy Pop – Sixteen

Order – Golden Narco
Ween – Captain Fantasy
Ultra Dolphins – Matthew O’Connor
Kate Bush – Get Out of My House

Brian Eno – The Big Ship
Captain Beefheart – Trust Us (Take 6)
Patti Smith – Pissing in a River

Can – Spoon
Funkadelic – Can You Get to That
Delia Derbyshire – Ziwzih Ziwzih 00-00-00

Depeche Mode – Stripped
David Bowie – As the World Falls Down

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    What the Fontaine?!    January 24th, 2020

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