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Camp Bliss is a special place that exists for days at a time in the real world, but never dies in the hearts of those who truly believe. Our crazy dance party friends welcome us to perform on their stage this summer.


Tonight we honor them with a special DJ Mix by DJ Jovi aka Javon Marqwell Minor and OF COURSE Dj Kooly Kuma bringing his own heat. We might even freestyle rap live on the radio!


This is still your rap show, dummies.

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    Time: January 24 - 9:04:33 pm
  • Javon Marqwell Minor, “Move that ass!! DJ Mix”

    from Move that ass!! DJ Mix

    self-released - 2019

  • Time: January 24 - 9:22:29 pm
  • DJ Kooly Kuma, “Kukoo Poffs DJ Mex”

    from Live on WRIR 2020-01-25

    WRIR - 2020

    Secret Bonus Level    January 25th, 2020

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