Bebop and Beyond with Mr. Jazz presents:

Back with two big hours of new music for your listening enjoyment. Thanks for being here.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK INCLUDE:  Bill Evans. Sir Roland Hanna, Rufus Reid, Roberta Flack, Chick Webb, Ritchie Goods, Rob                                                                               McConnell, Kirk Lightsey, Henry Threadgill, Buck Hill and Wardell Grey.
HOUR #  1
Horace Silver/We’ve Got Silver At Six/Hard Bop Grandpop/Impulse/1996
Jeff Rupert-George Garzone/Lester Left Town/The Ripple/Rupe Media/2019
Audrey Ochoa/Swamp Castles/Franken Horn/Chronograph Records/2020
Lizzie Thomas/Fascinating Rhythm/New Sounds From The Jazz Age/LTM/2020
JALC-Wynton Marsalis/Hammer Head/The Music of Wayne Shorter/Blue Engine/2020
Tim Ray/Nothing From Nothing/Excursions and Adventures/Whaling City Sound/2020
Warren Wolf/For Ma/Reincarnation/Mack Avenue/2020
Negroni’s Trio/Let’s Go Camping/Acustico/Sony Music/2019
J D Walter/You Go To My Head/Dressed In A Song/JWAL/2019
Christian Mc Bride/A View From The Mountaintop/The Movement Revisited/Mack Avenue/2020
Sam Fazio/Do You Want To Dance/Let’s Go/SFM/2020
Benny Benack,III/Gravy Waltz/A Lot Of Livin’ To Do/BB3/2019
HOUR  #  2
Sam Hirsh/Pop’s Delight/Quite Frankly/Umadas Music/2020
Judson Green/Sir Oliver/Discover/JGM/2017
Dave Liebman/Volcano/Expansions/Whaling City Sound/2020
Kat Edmonson/When You Wish Upon A Star/Dreamers Do/KEM/2020
Pacific Mambo Orchestra/Mambo Rachmaninoff/The III Side/Pacific Mambo/2020
Randy Napoleon/The Lost Tune/Brothers/Cold Plunge/2019
Aaron Diehl/Polaris/The Vagabond/Mack Avenue/2020
Steve Yeager/Catwalk/Vibraharp/SYM/2020
Massimo Biolcati/Hello,I Lied/Incontre/Sounderscore/2020
Lila Ammons/Canadian Sunset/Geanology/LAM/2019
Harrison 2/Only Hear Say/Trout in Swimwear/HVM/2020
                                               SO MUCH MUSIC…..SO LITTLE TIME
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    Bebop and Beyond with Mr. Jazz    February 9th, 2020

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