Secret Bonus Level presents:

Tonight we honor the memory of a great artist and a great man. You may have known him as Max, Maximillian, Millz, part of Gryscl, or any number of other things. But if you knew him, you knew he was a beautiful soul.


We’ll share our memories, stories, feelings about his passing. We’ll listen to an interview with Millz from May of last year. We’ll listen to plenty of his music. We’ll try to keep his spirit alive.


And the memories of so many others we’ve lost: Jay Westerman, Ruth Miller, Nancy Floyd, Tessa Majors, The Honorable Sleaze, Rainbow Fish, and too many more.


Riot the Rebel, Introverse, Frankie, Lithium God, Mayday Goliath, Ty, Curtis, MC Shadowfox, and a lot more friends are all in the house helping us keep these memories alive.

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    Time: February 21 - 9:13:33 pm
  • maxamillian, “pomegranted”

    from pomegranted - single

    self-released - 2019

  • Time: February 21 - 9:13:47 pm
  • maxamillian, “wandermelon”

    from wandermelon - single

    self-released - 2019

  • Time: February 21 - 9:21:16 pm
  • maxamillian, “pinealapple”

    from pinealapple - single

    self-released - 2019

  • Time: February 21 - 9:23:27 pm
  • Noah Page, “An interview with Maxamillian and Chuck Nasty”

    from Live on WRIR 2019-05-11


  • Time: February 21 - 10:14:31 pm
  • The Secret Bonus Level Rappers, “The Millz Memorial Freestyle Rap Cypher”

    from Live on WRIR 2020-02-22

    WRIR - 2020

    Secret Bonus Level    February 22nd, 2020

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