The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Top of the morning, and thanks for listening during your quarantine. We appreciate you choosing us to entertain you during this period of inactivity. Enjoy !

HOUR # 1
Harold Mabern/The Iron Man/Mabern Plays Mabern/Smoke Sessions/2020
Charles Pillow Ensemble/Pee Wee /Chamber Jazz/Summit/2020
Idle Hands/Silver Bullet/Solis Moments/PosiTone/2020
Kurt Elling/Song of the Rio Grande/Secrets are the Best Stories/Edition/2020
John DiMartino/Isfahan/Passion Flower/Gemini/2020
Kenny Barron-Dave Holland/Pass It On/Without Deception/Dare2/2020
Carl Saunders/Sail Away/Jazz Trumpet/Summit/2020
Jan Harbeck/I’d Be There/The sound The Rhythm/Stunt/2019
Win Pongsakorn/I Think She Likes Ketchup/Yes.It Is !/Cellar Live/2020
Marty Ashby-Gloria Reuben/How High The Moon/For All We Know/MCG/2019
HOUR  # 2
Justin Varnes/Pulse/The Evilution of the Pack/NGMM/2019
Nick Finzer/You’ll Never Know/Cast of Characters/Outside In Music/2019
John Sneider/Dinosaur Eggs/The Scrapper/Cellar Live/2020
Professor Cunningham/ Friend Like Me/Swings DisneyArbors Jazz/2019
Delfaeyo Marsalis/Carribean Second Line/Jazz party/Troubador Records/2019
Joey Alexander/Fragile/Warna/Verve/2020
Snorre Kirk/Tangerine Rhapsody/Tangerine Rhapdosy/Stunt/2019
Brent Jensen/Take Five/The Sound of a Dry Martini/Origin/2002
Derrick Shezbie/Hot Time In the Old Town/The Ghost of Buddy Bolden/Clubhouse Records/2019
Mike Bond/Block The Box/The Honorable Ones/Bounce Castle/2019
Keith Oxman/Bossa For Baby/Two Cigarettes in the Dark/Capri/2020
                                                 SO MUCH MUSIC……….SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    March 29th, 2020

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