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On today’s Cause & Effect, Shannon from Commonwealth of Notions will be splitting the show between two local artists that are celebrating new releases in 2020. addy and Gnawing have been mainstays on the Commonwealth of Notions radio program as well as participating in the annual fundraising festival. The episode today will spend an hour on each artist to showcase their music, their influences, their creative peers, their favorite songs and the sentiments behind the songs selected for today’s playlists. Look below for bios for both bands and check out the playlist to see what each artist helped curate for today’s episode.


Following in the steps of a pair of electronics-embellished folk EPs, Eclipse is the debut record from Richmond, VA’s addy. As with addy’s previous work, Eclipse’s contemplative magic was produced entirely from home studios, lending a crucial flexibility to the album’s overall recording process, the final product of which belies its modest, DIY studio accommodations.

Led by the eponymous Adam Watkins, addy’s compositions navigate universal themes of friendship, heartbreak, and growth on the terrain of eloquent, country-reminiscent instrumentation. Natural ASMR-inducing textures and Casio-sequenced drum hooks create a unique rhythmic foundation for addy’s distinct lilt, itself occasionally adorned with honeysuckle-sweet pitch correction which lends the folkish twang an unusual yet modern slant.

Lead single “Planted” captures many of Eclipse’s salient elements with its wailing violin and pedal steel, evoking the strong emotions associated with healing and growth. On “Easier,” addy longs to alleviate the pains of a near-and-dear friend, whereas the album’s triumphant apex “Eclipse” turns the reflection inward in an entrancing, climactic ode to the self, punctuated with notes of optimism and hope.


Gnawing began as a one person recording project for John Russell in the living room of a dilapidated punk house in North Carolina. Prior to Gnawing, John had spent his time in bands like Alright, Planet Creep, Earthmover, and others, but never found himself in a position to grow his own sound. After recording and self-releasing a 5-song cassette of his debut songs as Gnawing through his own label, Hilltop Recordings, John found himself relocating to Richmond, VA and wanting to start a band in the new city.

Growing up on 1990’s alternative rock like Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, The Lemonheads, Sugar, Gin Blossoms, and more, John wanted to scratch a songwriting itch that would bring him back to his roots. After digging into writing a bit more, he decided to expand Gnawing into a full band project, revisiting the original EP and growing their sound as a trio. Adding Richmond natives Christian Monroe (New Lions) and Chris Matz (Antiphons), Gnawing found a new energy with new ideas.


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    Time: April 4 - 9:03:23 am
  • Re Call - EP

    addy, “Re Call”

    from Re Call - EP

    714505 Records DK - 2017

  • Time: April 4 - 9:07:31 am
  • Knock Knock

    Smog, “Held”

    from Knock Knock

    Drag City - 1999

  • Time: April 4 - 9:13:56 am
  • Return to Love

    LVL UP, “Cut from the Vine”

    from Return to Love

    Sub Pop Records - 2016

  • Time: April 4 - 9:19:06 am
  • Rose Eyes - EP

    addy, “Supermarket”

    from Rose Eyes - EP

    714505 Records DK - 2018

  • Time: April 4 - 9:21:38 am
  • Thx

    Lomelda, “Bam Sha Klam”

    from Thx

    Double Double Whammy - 2017

  • Time: April 4 - 9:25:22 am
  • And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out

    Yo La Tengo, “Saturday”

    from And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out

    Matador - 2000

  • Time: April 4 - 9:29:33 am
  • Historian

    Lucy Dacus, “Historians”

    from Historian

    Matador - 2017

  • Time: April 4 - 9:36:22 am
  • Eclipse

    Addy, “Planted”

    from Eclipse

    Topshelf Records - 2020

  • Time: April 4 - 9:40:34 am
  • Bloom

    Beach House, “Wild”

    from Bloom

    Sub Pop Records - 2012

  • Time: April 4 - 9:45:30 am
  • Recluse Raccoon

    Recluse Raccoon, “On a Wire”

    from Recluse Raccoon

    Citrus City Records - 2018

  • Time: April 4 - 9:51:10 am
  • Eclipse

    Addy, “Elevator”

    from Eclipse

    Topshelf Records - 2020

  • Time: April 4 - 9:54:45 am
  • The Magnolia Electric Co.

    Songs: Ohia, “Just Be Simple”

    from The Magnolia Electric Co.

    Secretly Canadian - 2003

  • Time: April 4 - 9:58:43 am
  • Capacity

    Big Thief, “Haley”

    from Capacity

    Saddle Creek - 2017

  • Time: April 4 - 10:04:02 am
  • Gnawing - EP

    gnawing, “Worry”

    from Gnawing - EP

    Self Aware Records - 2018

  • Time: April 4 - 10:07:32 am
  • Foo Fighters

    Foo Fighters, “Oh, George”

    from Foo Fighters

    RCA Records Label - 1995

  • Time: April 4 - 10:12:50 am
  • It's Cool To Be Depressed

    Acne, “Dead Boy”

    from It's Cool To Be Depressed

    Self Aware Records - 2018

  • Time: April 4 - 10:17:17 am
  • Gnawing - EP

    gnawing, “Impatient / Outpatient”

    from Gnawing - EP

    Self Aware Records - 2018

  • Time: April 4 - 10:20:10 am
  • You're Living All Over Me

    Dinosaur Jr., “Raisans”

    from You're Living All Over Me

    Baked Goods - 1987

  • Time: April 4 - 10:23:58 am
  • The Gilded Palace of Sin

    The Flying Burrito Brothers, “Sin City”

    from The Gilded Palace of Sin

    A&M - 1969

  • Time: April 4 - 10:28:05 am
  • Car Wheels On a Gravel Road

    Lucinda Williams, “2 Cool 2 Be 4-Gotten”

    from Car Wheels On a Gravel Road

    Island Def Jam - 1998

  • Time: April 4 - 10:35:36 am
  • gnawing, “Walk On”

    from Look Out For My Love: A Neil Young Covers Album

    self-released - 2020

  • Time: April 4 - 10:39:02 am
  • Too Cool - Single

    Planet Loser, “Too Cool”

    from Too Cool - Single

    DIY - 2019

  • Time: April 4 - 10:43:42 am
  • Shaky - Single

    gnawing, “Matheson Ave.”

    from Shaky - Single

    Refresh Records - 2020

  • Time: April 4 - 10:47:21 am
  • The Masterplan

    Oasis, “Acquiesce”

    from The Masterplan

    Big Brother Recordings, Ltd. - 1998

  • Time: April 4 - 10:54:53 am
  • Forever

    Pullover, “Thought of You”

    from Forever

    Self Aware Records - 2020

    Cause and Effect    April 4th, 2020

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