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(photo: The Mystagogues)

Fontaine here today 5-7pmEDT playing mostly 1980s RVA bands. And I’ve got RCL debuts, including The Mystagogues, O-Boy, Near East, and The Organ Grynders. Plus Hoi Polloi, Unseen Force, Tom and Marty Band, Honor Role, GWAR, Burma Jam, Alter-Natives, much more.  Tune in!

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Hotel X – Apartogether

The Mystagogues – Nightmare of Lost Souls
O-Boy – Va Va Voom
Near East – Good Friday
The Organ Grynders – Find Yourself Alone

Prevaricators – Hanky Panky
L’Amour – Sunglass Party
The Barriers – From the Dirt
Beex – He Obliterates Me

The Tom and Marty Band – New Wave Twist
Glad Corp – Alone

Burma Jam – Healing  [aka Healing Dub]
Alter-Natives – Over the Counter Culture
Always August – Spacin’ Out

Hoi Polloi – Warhead
Butterglove – Sleep Thirsty
Orthotonics – Grease and Flowers

Mudd Helmut – 12 Oz Closer to God
Poptonto – 7 to the Sky
Unseen Force – Reason to Live
Honor Role – Vance Picked Up Dot Over a Bush by the Tail
White Cross – Pink Flamingos

Death Piggy – Bathtub in Space
Graven Image – Dear Abby
Absence of Malice – Liberation

Sordid Doctrine – Gasoline Man

Cashmere Jungle Lords – My Brother, Humphrey
The Good Guys – Democracy or Else
Flat Stanley – Poster on the Wall

Brainflower – Maldoror
Apocowlypsco – Electronic Preacher
The Offenders – Pulsate
House of Freaks – Long Black Train

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109 May 23rd, 2020

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  • Avatar Fontaine says:

    I’m so sorry! You can listen to today’s River City Limits show via this link, after 7pm: https://vault.wrir.org/shows/202005231700.RiverCityLimits.mp3

  • Avatar norman says:

    why is your station so hard to navigate??? I listen to many lpfm stations from all over, and yours is the most confusing. I tried to listen to today’s River City Limits and there was no way to listen. I go to the show’s page and there’s no “play this show” for today’s date. At the top left hand corner there’s “play live stream” but its for “End of the Century”. You have been on the air for years now, why can’t you have a more accessible link? very frustrating. Its easy to listen to archival shows, but getting to a show in progress seems to be a lesson in futility.

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