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Well it was another intense week around the world and right here in the city I’ve called home since 1985. Really just an incredible week. To think when Helen and I used to have visitors, the tour of the town would include a trip down Monument Avenue. What did I know? It’s safe to say Monument Avenue will be back on the tour (if we’re ever allowed to have visitors again), but the story I tell will be so different and so much more compelling. It will be a story I will be proud to tell and it makes me proud to be from Richmond.

So tonight’s show will touch on summer and protest in the 2md part of the show, but the first part of the show will feature a new Nuggets-like compilation of 60’s garage music from Richmond bands – Days of A Quiet Sun on Fell It Records. I read about it in Richmond Magazine and had to have it. It make for a great centerpiece of the first couple sets.

Then we’ll close the show with a bunch of tracks that were featured over the 4 season (parts really) of the Spanish-language television series that I binged on Netflix – Money Heist. Some really fun tracks – two hours worth. Enjoy!

The Haberdasher

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106 June 8th, 2020

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