High Five w. Eric Godsey feat: Paul Ivey presents:

What’s up folx? I am Eric Godsey and welcome to another edition of High Five!

This is a show where we hear from artists, creatives and movers and shakers from right here in RVA!

Each week I speak with a different guest who will enlighten us with their creative journey as well as treat us to their High Five song list That’s 5 songs they think we should hear and they’ll tell us why!

This week my guest is Paul Ivey. Paul is a WRIR radio personality as well as a local musician in RVA that has lived here for over 30 years!

In today’s show we discuss the Richmond music scene past and present. We talk about Paul’s creative journey and start as a gigging musician in Washington D.C. We hear Paul’s High Five and talk about all things music and more!



    July 27th, 2020

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