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Eurovision 2020 was set to take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands in May 2020, but was cancelled due to Covid 19 in early March.  I think between everything else, I missed when it was supposed to be – it’s become a tradition in our house to watch the finals, since they’ve been more available to watch online.  But I’ve been thinking about the song contest, and found all the tracks these countries put lots of work into – making the songs, the videos, the performances, picking their representatives. They can’t be used next year, though some of the artists will stay the same, as will the venue.

They held a livestream instead, with at-home performances, interviews, and messages from the artists. And in these crazy times, it’s heartening to hear so many nations coming together, telling people to be safe, and that we’ll get through this.  That’s been Eurovision’s mission, after all – a positive contest promoting unity. I kinda wish we had one of these for the US.

Enjoy my playlist – my top picks/ones I heard. I missed some of the slower songs, though that’s kind of due to my taste, and limitations on time!

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123 August 26th, 2020

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