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Did y’all see the new Dune trailer? It’s not related to the show, but it was pretty awesome!…anyway…

*blink blink blink* The red light flashed in the distance, you can’t tell if its 100 yards or 100 lightyears away at this point. Since your tie cable came undone and you drifted off into the slow loneliness you have been falling in and out of consciousness.

*Skkkkk* *click* “WRIR Lunar Station beaming technician 1435….do you read 1435?” Your eyes dart open! Finally a signal! How long have I been stuck with my own thoughts? “This is 1435!! I read I read, my line came off I’ve been drifting in orbit!” you shout into the headset. “Roger 1435, our sensors read you in lunar orbit, 2 clicks south of station coordinates. We are sending a rescue suttle as we speak, please leave your transmitter running, and watch your oxygen supplies son, help is on the way.”

A sense of relief more powerful than you thought possible washes over you. You relax as if you were floating in a pool and a slight signal crackles into your helmet speakers. You think with a smile,  “Ah, I must have floated close enough to receive their radio signal.” As the shuttle approaches in the distance you hear the music become more and more clear as you drift towards the station, you close your eyes, and think, “It will be good to be home.”

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    Time: September 11 - 9:03:01 pm
  • Chains for the Sea

    Halocraft, “Vertigo, The Desire to Fall”

    from Chains for the Sea

    1061660 Records DK - 2018

  • Time: September 11 - 9:08:12 pm
  • On Circles

    Caspian, “Wildblood”

    from On Circles

    Triple Crown Records - 2019

  • Time: September 11 - 9:14:54 pm
  • Our Lines Are Down

    Hazards of Swimming Naked, “...And a Whole Assortment of Uppers and Downers”

    from Our Lines Are Down

    hazards of swimming naked - 2009

  • Time: September 11 - 9:21:05 pm
  • HarborLight, “Skinwaker”

    from Isolation Ritual

    Self Release

  • Time: September 11 - 9:30:08 pm
  • All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

    Explosions In the Sky, “The Birth and Death of the Day”

    from All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

    Temporary Residence Ltd. - 2007

  • Time: September 11 - 9:36:46 pm
  • Beyond the Sea, Beneath the Sky

    I Hear Sirens, “Drowning City Skyline”

    from Beyond the Sea, Beneath the Sky

    I Hear Sirens - 2009

  • Time: September 11 - 9:40:52 pm
  • Government Commissions (BBC Sessions 1996-2003)

    Mogwai, “Stop Coming to My House”

    from Government Commissions (BBC Sessions 1996-2003)

    [PIAS] Recordings Catalogue - 2003

  • Time: September 11 - 9:46:03 pm
  • The Denihilist

    Wayward Bound, “The Denihilist”

    from The Denihilist

    587990 Records DK - 2020

  • Time: September 11 - 9:52:02 pm
  • Obsidion

    Barrows, “Entrada”

    from Obsidion

    Barrows - 2017

  • Time: September 11 - 9:59:28 pm
  • Find A Place To Be Safe

    Collapse Under the Empire, “Captured Moments”

    from Find A Place To Be Safe

    Believe Digital Germany - 2009

  • Time: September 11 - 9:59:31 pm
  • It Is Curtains

    Beware of Safety, “Kaura”

    from It Is Curtains

    Beware of Safety - 2007

  • Time: September 11 - 10:09:38 pm
  • Adaptation

    Deer Park Ranger, “Monument”

    from Adaptation

    Fluttery Records - 2020

  • Time: September 11 - 10:10:32 pm
  • Look At That Old Grizzly Bear

    Last Lungs, “Look At That Old Grizzly Bear”

    from Look At That Old Grizzly Bear

    Deep Elm - 2010

  • Time: September 11 - 10:21:13 pm
  • Spine And Sensory (Expanded And Remastered)

    Tristeza, “Memphis Emphasis”

    from Spine And Sensory (Expanded And Remastered)

    Better Looking Records - 2005

  • Time: September 11 - 10:21:15 pm
  • Break the Bow, Shatter the Spear - EP

    Compass & Knife, “Tonight, I Lay My Head in the City of Destiny”

    from Break the Bow, Shatter the Spear - EP

    Compass & Knife Music - 2014

  • Time: September 11 - 10:28:38 pm
  • Put the Beast Out of Mind

    Glories, “Crowns”

    from Put the Beast Out of Mind

    Glories Music 2014 - 2016

  • Time: September 11 - 10:34:35 pm
  • Moons Eat Stars, “Thus Yo Shall Go to the Stars”

    from Voyage EP


  • Time: September 11 - 10:41:36 pm
  • Epitaph

    God Is an Astronaut, “Komorebi”

    from Epitaph

    Napalm Records - 2018

  • Time: September 11 - 10:47:07 pm
  • Scarlet Fragments - Single

    In Inertia, “Scarlet Fragments”

    from Scarlet Fragments - Single

    Angular\\Momentum Records - 2020

  • Time: September 11 - 10:56:31 pm
  • Timeless - Single

    Shadow of Io, “Timeless”

    from Timeless - Single

    1070196 Records DK - 2020

709 September 12th, 2020

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