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Much the country has evolved into a modern-day musical powerhouse. I am making this bold statement, for I have personally watched and am a part a generation of Germans who are pushing to reshape the picture of Germany through the use of Hip-Hop. The only research that has been done in regards to Hip-Hop in Germany revolves around the emergence of the genre in the country.There is intense focus on how American troops played an intricate role in introducing Hip-Hop and its multiple facets to a German speaking society. We get insight on how East and West Germany have taken a genre from across the Atlantic used it for social, political, and economic issues.In Germany, through Hip-Hop, the youth created a movement called the “Jugendbewegung”. Let us get back to the basics and focus on where it all started  back in a time where Germany was still divided.  This new genre of music was received and adopted differently between the two states political and cultural translation. Where the West “Federal Republic of Germany” was more liberal and integrated transatlantic flows of commodities, people, and images, the East “ German Democratic Republic” still clenched in the tight grip of the Soviet Union, only received glimpses of the global sounds coming through the Iron Curtain.  Regardless of the state of the Republic in the mid-1980s, the Hip-Hop scene emerged through the youth culture. The influx just as infusion of American troops stationed in Europe after World ll brought a wide range of music with them while stationed in Germany. The Americans  combined with newly created German culture policies help in creating those state sanctioned cultural hubs for German youth that supported performance of musical arts in both the FRG and GDR.Troops that were stationed in some of the most metropolis cities such as Heidelberg, Frankfurt, and Berlin were a key instrument in the development of Hip-Hop in the West. Between American DJs, rappers, and breakers combined with German youth, television, just as cinema  became a crucial medium that communicated Hip-Hop culture to Germany. It is vital to know that Americans have played a huge role in the intricate creation of a blueprint that  Germans have used to rework into their own version of what Hip-Hop is a German speaking society. Hip-Hop is the biggest youth culture movement that has ever happened, and Hip-Hop in Germany is bigger today than ever before. It is a movement that has been reworked for the past 40 years and developed into a multifaceted entity, and there are four major elements – DJ-ing, breakdancing, graffiti, and rap. What we can watch today and why I propose focusing on the statement that I believe that Germany is a powerhouse in the music industry due to Hip-Hop. 

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    Deutscher Jam    September 25th, 2020

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