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Hallo alle zusammen, as the title of the show states “One can see eternity through the iris”. Deutscher Jam is designed to give the feeling of kicking it with me at the Cafe meaning i strive to keep the show as relaxed *Entspannt* as possible. This second living room feeling through listening to the show either on 97.3 FM or live streaming should create the ambience you need. As i state on the show numerous times I don’t know what you want but I am going to give you what you need. Today’s description of the show will be personal in deliverance opposed to usual historical facts.Throughout the show while I create the mood I want you to keep in mind two things. First all of its stereotypes, that Germans eat only sausage, wear lederhosen, are humorless, that Bavaria resembles what the country looks like, and is solely a white country. Second through taking you to a places that my dual lenses can see I am showing you how Germany has transformed itself by current generations actively rebrand Germany through use of music in order to separate itself from its dark history. Germans have been actively working on ground level to rebrand who they are and what it means to be German. Being German is being diverse and dynamic we see this through how artists have reshaped what being German means through storytelling in music. Since post World War ll Germans have struggled with national identity, and Hip-Hop has created a platform for Germans to ignite change and rebrand the face of their society. This current generation of Hip-Hop artists are reshaping everything about what being “Made in Germany” means and how they are actively embracing the language instead of shaming it. The passion that pushes Deutscher Jam is the child like energy of constantly being in “Aww” of the country and through speaking discovery the endless possibilities of growth and harmony that could be established through expressing my gratitude.Discussing works for one society and the other helps narrow down possible solutions for the future. So as discussed last show the “Kaffeklatsch” look we’ve seen this work and what we believe everyone would be a solution to the societies longing for happiness by giving them an active mental image. So on the show when I say let me take you their, what I am saying is turn on your creative imagination and get ready for the trip into eternity.

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    Time: October 2 - 9:00:00 am
  • Grüne Augen lügen nicht - Single

    JEREMIAS, “Grüne Augen lügen nicht”

    from Grüne Augen lügen nicht - Single

    Caroline Records - 2019

  • Time: October 2 - 9:05:00 am
  • Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen - EP

    Söhne Mannheims, “Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen”

    from Das hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen - EP

    Dein Label - 2008

  • Time: October 2 - 9:11:00 am
  • Evoluzion (Deluxe Edition)

    Söhne Mannheims, “Und wenn ein Lied”

    from Evoluzion (Deluxe Edition)

    Söhne Mannheims - 2015

  • Time: October 2 - 9:17:00 am
  • Etagen (Remix) - Single

    808LIEBHABER, “Etagen”

    from Etagen (Remix) - Single

    recordJet - 2020

  • Time: October 2 - 9:21:00 am
  • Freisein - Single

    MORTEN, “Freisein”

    from Freisein - Single

    Morten - 2016

  • Time: October 2 - 9:27:00 am
  • OH - EP

    MAJAN, “Leben lassen”

    from OH - EP

    Schere Stein Papier - 2020

  • Time: October 2 - 9:32:00 am
  • OH - EP

    MAJAN, “Guantanamera”

    from OH - EP

    Schere Stein Papier - 2020

  • Time: October 2 - 9:36:00 am
  • No Friend - Single

    MAJAN, “No Friend”

    from No Friend - Single

    Four Music / Schere Stein Papier - 2020

  • Time: October 2 - 9:43:00 am
  • Leben am Limit

    SXTN, “Ich hab kein Feuerzeug”

    from Leben am Limit

    JINX Music - 2017

  • Time: October 2 - 9:47:00 am
  • Leben am Limit

    SXTN, “Bongzimmer”

    from Leben am Limit

    JINX Music - 2017

  • Time: October 2 - 9:55:00 am
  • Computer World (Remastered)

    Kraftwerk, “Computer Love (2009 - Remaster)”

    from Computer World (Remastered)

    Rhino/Elektra - 1987

  • Time: October 2 - 10:10:00 am
  • tru. (Deluxe Edition)

    Cro, “computiful”

    from tru. (Deluxe Edition)

    Chimperator - 2017

  • Time: October 2 - 10:22:00 am
  • tru. (Deluxe Edition)

    Cro, “fake you. (feat. Ivy Sole)”

    from tru. (Deluxe Edition)

    Chimperator - 2017

  • Time: October 2 - 10:36:00 am
  • Dreifarbenhaus

    Bausa, “Baron”

    from Dreifarbenhaus

    WM Germany - 2017

  • Time: October 2 - 10:41:00 am
  • Biturbo - Single

    Bausa, “Biturbo”

    from Biturbo - Single

    WM Germany - 2019

  • Time: October 2 - 10:50:00 am
  • To The Moon - Single

    Nimo, “To The Moon”

    from To The Moon - Single

    385ideal - 2020

  • Time: October 2 - 10:58:00 am
  • Mon Chéri - Single

    CAPO, “Mon Chéri”

    from Mon Chéri - Single

    WM Germany - 2017

707 October 2nd, 2020

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