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Welcome to Overdrive October! Heavy Halloween! So, we’re doing a month of heavier post-rock leading up to Halloween, which should be fun!

Now back to our story…

Sure, we had all heard the rumors when we signed up to work the maintenance shift on moon base WRIR. We all heard the stories about the creature that stalked the vents, impersonating crew members, slowly picking them off one by one. No one believes them, not until…not until it turned us against each other. It all started when Purple’s body was found in the electrical room. Sliced completely in two, gore everywhere with a trail of blood leading to the air vent in the room…something was on this base with us. The meeting started normal enough! We went over the facts, some people made accusations…baseless of course…we had no idea what was happening but the only thing we know was that the only way we’d get off this bucket was to complete our tasks and try to drown out the screams. That’s when the music started, this eerie, building a feeling of dread and overwhelming atmosphere of darkness, the music hasn’t stopped, Green was found dead in admin, no one knows who it is….we’re becoming hostile towards each other…..everyone is sus.

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    Time: October 9 - 9:07:33 pm
  • Clutch

    Clutch, “Spacegrass”

    from Clutch

    Atlantic Records - 1995

  • Time: October 9 - 9:08:59 pm
  • Gravity X

    Truckfighters, “Desert Cruiser”

    from Gravity X

    Fuzzorama Records - 2005

  • Time: October 9 - 9:16:37 pm
  • Nothing as the Ideal

    All Them Witches, “See You Next Fall”

    from Nothing as the Ideal

    New West Records - 2020

  • Time: October 9 - 9:25:58 pm
  • No More Good Dreams

    Sleep Maps, “Left Alone”

    from No More Good Dreams

    Lost Future - 2017

  • Time: October 9 - 9:40:29 pm
  • La Deal

    Am Fost la Munte Si Mi-A Placut, “Vedeti ca Asta e Lunga”

    from La Deal

    SwanBoy Records - 2019

  • Time: October 9 - 9:47:01 pm
  • Crawling - Single

    Collapse Under the Empire, “Captured Moments”

    from Crawling - Single

    Believe - 2009

  • Time: October 9 - 9:52:08 pm
  • Aura

    Tides From Nebula, “Tragedy of Joseph Merrick”

    from Aura

    Lou & Rocked Boys - 2009

  • Time: October 9 - 9:58:56 pm
  • Makes Me Stronger - Single

    Astroprimate, “Makes Me Stronger”

    from Makes Me Stronger - Single

    Astroprimate - 2019

  • Time: October 9 - 10:05:57 pm
  • Mitau

    Audrey Fall, “1944”

    from Mitau

    Audrey Fall - 2014

  • Time: October 9 - 10:14:00 pm
  • Variables and Constants

    Digital Dream, “52 Hz Whale”

    from Variables and Constants

    Digital Dream - 2020

  • Time: October 9 - 10:18:36 pm
  • Farmhouse Odyssey

    Farmhouse Odyssey, “Colossal Cypress”

    from Farmhouse Odyssey

    Farmhouse Odyssey - 2015

  • Time: October 9 - 10:31:53 pm
  • Atelo

    Eyre Llew, “Parallels”

    from Atelo

    Eyre Llew - 2017

  • Time: October 9 - 10:31:55 pm
  • Apollo's Ghost - EP

    Apollo's Ghost, “The Page”

    from Apollo's Ghost - EP

    Apollo's Ghost - 2018

  • Time: October 9 - 10:35:58 pm
  • A Waltz With the Seventh Crane

    Sleepstream, “A Waltz With the Seventh Crane”

    from A Waltz With the Seventh Crane

    Fluttery Records - 2011

  • Time: October 9 - 10:43:34 pm
  • From Fathoms

    Gifts From Enola, “Benthos”

    from From Fathoms

    The Mylene Sheath

  • Time: October 9 - 10:58:33 pm
  • Reverie

    Daturah, “Hybrisma”

    from Reverie

    Golden Antenna - 2008

709 October 10th, 2020

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