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The Church of the Ecstatic 10/11/17 – Goth Nite 1984

Hey y’all, I miss you! Sorry this space has been blank the past couple of weeks, it’s been a crazy time!  Thanks to Carol for subbing for me a few weeks ago, and Tommy and Eric for holding down the fort and getting my old shows playing!

Earlier this month, I rebroadcast my very first two shows, from October 2015!  It was great getting to revisit the witchy theme, and the enthusiasm of the start of everything. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! Thanks for sticking with me all this time.

I figured you guys could appreciate this old show for your at-home spoopy dance party in this week of Halloween!  So here’s the old playlist for ya.

Meanwhile, if you missed last week’s show, I made it into the station to do a LIVE reading of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Colour out of Space,” with some awesome horror soundtracks as background, including the one for the 2019 movie adaptation.  If you want to check that out, it’ll be in the archive for this week as well.

Have an awesome and safe Halloween this weekend, VOTE next week, and I’ll be back with some post-poll jams afterwards!

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    The Church of the Ecstatic    October 28th, 2020

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