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Guten Morgen alle zusammen, tune in your present awaits you! Euren Geschenk liegt schon unterm Baum alles liebe von mir <3 I can still smell the roasted pecans in the air, candied red apples, zuckerwatte, mulled wine, currywurst, and I could go on. Reimagine yourself for a minute, it’s winter in Berlin we may need a jacket it’s a little crisp yet sehr erfrischend(refreshing). Of course we will hit the Christmas market, sip a little mulled wine together and feel what the season is really bringing to us. Throughout the show we will be exploring different cities and see what Artists from areas have to fill us in on. Again I don’t know what you want, so let’s explore the Deutsches Jungle and figure out what you need. Every show I try to create a vibe for not only German speakers but more so for you guys just getting introduced to the country. A flavorful plate as I like to call it 😉 We shall build slowly but intensely so I hope you’re ready. Let’s kick it at the Kneipe(Bar) with Sido and hear what he has to say and through the music we’ll get to know his Viertel(Block). But to get to the Hauptstadt we need to make sure everything essential is packed(pack light). Your present is awaiting you as soon as we land, enjoy the show.



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    Deutscher Jam    December 25th, 2020

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