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Hey hey folks, it’s occurred to me that some people looking at this might not know what The Lunar Orbit is. Well, we’re a post-rock show, an ambient show, sometimes we’re a loud show and sometimes we’re a relaxing show; depends on the mood and season. I say we play math-rock too in the description, but we’ve been lacking in the arithmetic department lately….note to future Zach, need to fix that.

Anyway, we play long, droney, esoteric music late at night to help people unwind and sail into their weekends. If this show was going to have a new years resolution, it would be to be a show where someone thinks, “Oh man, I’ve had such a long day, let’s throw on The Lunar Orbit and unwind before bed.” I want to be that rock!

So, come tune in, hope you enjoy it!

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    Time: January 15 - 9:07:12 pm
  • Microcosmos

    Ovum, “Lost in Addiction”

    from Microcosmos

    Self Release - 2008

  • Time: January 15 - 9:14:47 pm
  • Sugar Plum Ferry, “Southern Butterfly Path”

    from Thanks for Reminding Me

    Self Release

  • Time: January 15 - 9:24:39 pm
  • Arise & Go

    Blackbird Cathedral, “Cair Paravel”

    from Arise & Go

    Self Release

  • Time: January 15 - 9:35:52 pm
  • EP#1: For the Weary of Soul

    Go! Save The Hostages!, “Salma”

    from EP#1: For the Weary of Soul

    EP#1: For The Weary Of Soul - 2013

  • Time: January 15 - 9:45:06 pm
  • Canopy

    Silent Whale Becomes a Dream, “As Walking On Canopy”

    from Canopy

    Self Release

  • Time: January 15 - 10:05:02 pm
  • Learning To Growl

    Overhead, The Albatross, “Bara”

    from Learning To Growl

    590389 Records DK2 - 2016

  • Time: January 15 - 10:12:59 pm
  • Blindpassasjer

    1099, “Til Jorden”

    from Blindpassasjer

    1099 Records - 2018

  • Time: January 15 - 10:24:24 pm
  • Nightbound

    Krobak, “So Quietly Falls the Night”

    from Nightbound

    Krobak - 2016

  • Time: January 15 - 10:35:52 pm
  • Shuhari

    Shuhari, “yoaki”

    from Shuhari

    TRANCE FACT - 2017

  • Time: January 15 - 10:48:27 pm
  • Memories With No Purpose - EP

    Elusive Arizona, “Memories With No Purpose”

    from Memories With No Purpose - EP

    1734224 Records DK - 2020

    The Lunar Orbit    January 16th, 2021

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