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Hallo Leute! You know I have to give you what you need Jeden Freitag from 1-3PM. Also setzt euch hin(sit down) and get bequem(comfy). Typically when we begin the show we prepare for the take off, cruise over the Atlantic, to then land at Frankfurt Airport. But instead let’s explore the DACH(German Speaking Worlds) a little bit. Our layover is in Austria, more specific Vienna to be described as the Paris of the DACH. In this layover we shall hit a Lounge in the Sechsten Bezirk(6th District) a little Reggae blended with House and Hip-Hop never hurt anybody ;). Let’s sit down and explore what Austria is bringing to the table over a Hugo(Prosecco, Elderflower Sirup, Mint, Splash of Sparkling Water). Viennese style we’ll settle into the vibe of the show through sound and a created ambience. Once we wrap up that experience, the doors will open for us to explore the Deutsches Jungle. You will notice a game of Ping Pong being played between Chemnitz(East) and Berlin(West). Again we are diving in the Depths of Germany pulling away from its set Public Symbol. If you picture Germany as a Haus it may be Dorf like by design, but if you join me and Deutscher Jam we’ll take you around the back to give you exactly what you need to see from the country!



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    Deutscher Jam    January 22nd, 2021

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