The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Good morning on the last day of January 2021. First time I trudged through the snow to get here this year !Great array of tunes to get your new month underway. Enjoy !

HOUR  # 1
Lee Konitz/Body and Soul/Leewise/Storyville/2020
David Detweiler/Jonesy/The Astoria Suite/Next Level/2021
Joseph Herbst/Errings of the Revolution/This is Our Environment/JHM/2021
Richard Howell/Living with Truth Decay/Moon Over Tiburon/Pomona Sunrise/2020
Len Pierro Jazz Orchestra/In Earnest/The Third Quarter/Walking Path Records/2020
The Jazz All Stars/Caravan/The Jazz Al;l Stars/Le Coq/2020
Marya Lawrence/Ain’t No Sunshine/Paying The Bills/Metamorphosis/2020
Alexander McCabe/New York City/I’d Prefer/Wamco Music/2020
Grasso-Ravita Jazz Ensemble/Songhai/Jagged Spaces/Grassvita Music/2020
Amber Weekes/My Romance/A Special valentine/Amber Inn/2020
Melbreeze/Dat Dere/I LOve Paris/Blue Canoe/2020
HOUR  #  2
Jesse Fischer/Play Date/Resilience/JFM/2020
Kidd Jordan/AUM/Last Trane to New Orleans/RJM/2020
Joe Bowden/Bustin Loose/Roots/JBM/2020
Frances Coche/Estate/Terry’s Song/FCM/2020
Cory Weeds/Chick’s Tune/O Sole Mio/Cellar Live/2020
Bill Evans/Alfie/ Live @ Ronnie Scott’s/Resonance/2020
KoMaGa Trio/Alcyon/Foxing Hour/KoMaGa Trio/2020
Justin Lee Schultz/Do I Do/Gruv Kid/Shanachie/2020
David Angel Jazz Ensemble/Prelude To A Kiss/Out On The Coast/Basset Hound/2020
Bob Holz/Little Sunflower/Live in New York & L.A./BHM/20020
Chris  White-Lara Driscoll/Song For My Father/Firm Roots/Firm Roots/2020
                                     SO MUCH MUSIC…..SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    January 31st, 2021

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