The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Good morning to all, and welcome to another Snowy-exciting edition of the Sunday Morning Jazz Show. We’ve got a lot of great new material to share with you today, so kick back and enjoy !

HOUR  #  1
Mike Scott/Rondo/Collecting Thinks/MSM/2020
Clifton Anderson/T.U..B.C./Been Down This Road Before/Ropeadope/2019
Roderick Harper/Infinite Heart/Evolving/RHM/2020
The Jazz All Stars/Avalon/All Star Album Vol 1/LeCoq/2020
Dan Bonsanti/Cartoon Bebop/Cartoon Bebop/DBM/2020
Tivon Pennicott/Jump For Joy/Spirit Garden/New Phase/2020
Marya Lawrence/I Want You To Talk About You/Paying the Bills/Madamorphosis/2020
Melbreeze/I Love Paris/I Love Paris/Blue Canoe/2020
Larry Newcomb/Secret Agent Man/Love,Dad/Essential Messenger/2020
Professor Aucoin & The Jazz Scientists/Mystifie4d/Mystified/TAM/2020
Professor Cunningham & His Old School/Lockdown Blues/The Lockdown Blues/Arbors/2020
John Lang/Triolation/Now Ear This/Jello Jams/2020
HOUR  #  2
Henry Robinett/I Thought About You/Then Again/Nefertiti/2020
Gayelynn McKinney/Having Fun/Zoot Suit Funk/Beatstix/2020
Frances Coche/Gee Baby/Terry’s Song/FCM/2020
Charlie Apicella/Funky Mama/Classical Guitar/Zoho/2021
David Angel Jazz Ensemble/A Flower is a Lovesome Thing/Out On The Coast/Basset Hound/2020
Cory Weeds/Moody Blues/O Sole Mio/Cellar Live/2020
Dave Stryker/Inner City Blues/Baker’s Circle/Strikezone/2021
Amber Weekes/The Wat He Makes Me Feel/My Romance/Amber Inn/2020
Grasso-Ravita Jazz Ensemble/Latin For Leandro/Jagged Spaces/Grassvita/2020
Doug Macdonald Duo/Toluca Lake Jazz/Toluca Lake Jazz/DMAC Music/2021
Sounds of A & R/Social Call/Questions Left Unanswered/SOAR/2020
                                                 SO MUCH MUSIC………..SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    February 7th, 2021

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