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I had a fun idea which we might start doing every now and then. Taking a cue from the excellent show Live from the Audience, which follows mine I thought it might be fun to highlight a couple of live post-rock performances!  So I’ve got a bunch queued up here ready to go, and we’re just going to play through them! Trying to list all of these on the traditional playlist program we have is kinda tough, so below I’ve posted all the links to the shows so you can watch them whenever you want!

Mömoku – Live at SIINE/COSINE FEST 2019

Shy, Low Dunk! Fest 2019 (Excerpt) @ The Forest Stage

O’Brother on Audiotree Live (Full Session #3)

Caspian Live at Shanghai Strawberry Festival 2017

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    The Lunar Orbit    April 17th, 2021

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