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Hallo Leute, tell me what are you in the mood for today? If we look at the spectrum of what music has to offer let alone in Germany, Deutscher Jam has you covered. If you’re in the mood to sit on a hill with a Mass full of Bier, relaxing in your Lederhosen or Dirndl while smelling Brats in the air, we have you covered. Maybe that’s not the vibe you are in today, that’s fine that exactly what the DB( Deutsches Bahn) is here for. Whenever there is a need for a mood switch or change in scenery we have two options. Either we can take the Regional*German Accent* and take our time enjoy the scenery before we arriving at our next location. Or we can skip the funny business hop on the ICE, your quickest option to get you to you next party location. Your choice ;). As we explore the Deutsches jungle we shall start our journey in Munich the heart of Oktoberfest. Shortly after we shall head off to the Hauptstadt(Capital) and party all night. Whether we are on the Ringbahn getting lit with Berlins dopest Artists, or decide explore the pleasures of afterhours with of Techno Expert Andrew. We will have a ride and more so a story to take you through ūüôā



Die Janell und Der Andrew

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    Deutscher Jam    May 24th, 2021

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