The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all and welcome to the last show for May. Get your groove on, Right Here !  Enjoy.

HOUR  #  1
Dave Flippo/Spring Joy/Dedications/DFM/2021
Doug Macdonald/Stranger in Paradise/Live in Hawaii/DMac Music/2021
Miguel de Armas/It Meant Something Else/Continuous/Three Pines/2021
Amber Weekes/Summer Samba/Round Midnight Re-Imagined/AWM/2021
Gabriel Evan Orchestra/Jubilee Stomp/Global Entry/GEM/2021
Rodney Whitaker/Cadillac Club/Outrospection/Origin/2021
Evan Arntzen/After You’ve Gone/Countermelody/Dot Time/2021
Ryan Devlin/Grief Suite-Anger/Thoughts on the Matte/Timucua/2021
Alpha Rhythm Kings/School Days/Sharp Dressed Men/ARK/2021
Nicki Parrott/Vincent/If You Could Read My Mind/Arbors/2021
Shawn Maxwell/Expectation/Expectation & Experience/Jazzline/2021
James Francies/Freedmen’s Town/Purest Form/Blue Note/2021
Le Perez/Softly As In A Morning Sunrise/Live At Savanna Jazz/Savanna Jazz/2021
Behn Gillece/Outnumbered/Still Doing Our Thing/PosiTone/2021
HOUR  #  2
Benito Gonzalez/Smile/Sing To The World/Rainy Days/2021
Ted Nash-Glen Close/Dear Dad-Response/Transformation/Tiger Turn/2021
Frank Morelli-Keith Oxman/The Ox-Mo Incident/The Ox-Mo Incident/Capri/2021
Kendal Carter/Afro Blue/Introducing/LLADNEK Music/2021
Ulysses Owns Big Band/Girl Talk/Soul Conversations/OutsideIn Music/2021
Jeremy Monteiro/Mount Olive/Live At No Black Tie/Jazznote Records/2021
John Pizzarelli/Spring Ain’t Here/Better Days Ahead/Seven String/2021
Rebecca Kilgore/That Sunday That Summer/Vol 1/Heavywood/2021
John DePaola/Calcutta/Take Two/JDM/2021
Dave Weckl Band/Access Denied/Live in St. Louis/Autumn Hill/2021
Sons of Kemet/To Never Forget The Source/Black To The Future/Impulse/2021
                                        SO MUCH MUSIC…..SO LITTLE TIME
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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    May 30th, 2021

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